Sundays are for Lazy

(I know that post title is grammatically incorrect. I did it intentionally because “lazy” sounds even lazier than “laziness.”)

Yesterday’s Run: 14 miles
Today’s Run: Nada

Happy Sunday! Sundays are probably my favorite day of the week. I almost always take a rest day on Sundays, and while I love my early-morning runs, it’s so nice to have one morning to sleep a little later, eat pancakes (I made these this morning…delicious), and have some leisurely newspaper-and-coffee time with the husband. And summer Sundays are even better. During the school year, Sundays are chore days (laundry, cleaning, groceries, etc.), but during the summer, I can spread those chores out over the week, so Sundays are even nicer.

On yesterday’s run, my foot started to hurt, and it’s still feeling weird this morning. So the plan for today is to RICE it while I do mass amounts of reading, and hopefully tomorrow it will be back to normal.

Aside from my run, yesterday was full of more politicking. There’s an annual rock music festival here in town (it’s a bunch of 80’s cover bands, mostly), and our teacher organization had a booth there for the petitions that I talked about here. Since the petition that was checked out to me is filled,  I was mostly there for moral support. Sarah and I alternated sitting at the booth and wandering around the downtown sidewalk sales. We also hit up Goodwill, where I got 14 like-new books for my classroom and spent a grand total of $10.50. Teacher heaven.

We decided to be nice and bring J lunch back at the festival. On the recommendation of some salesclerks, we tried a Chinese place we’d never been to before. Bad choice. The food was mediocre and made our stomachs hurt. Blah.

To make up for the bad food choice, we made a good choice and went to see Despicable Me 2 last night. So cute. I can’t get enough of these little guys:

Well worth the money.

And now, I’m off to begin my RICE and reading time.


What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday? 

Best movie you’ve seen lately?


One thought on “Sundays are for Lazy”

  1. Despicable Me 2! Mostly because of the company I had for the movie! I have successfully downloaded some sounds from the movie for my text tones on my phone! LOVE it! Now we just need to see the other ones!

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