Target Practice Tuesday

Today’s Run: 6 miles. Take that, foot.

I woke up determined to get in my scheduled miles this morning, whatever it took. My foot still felt twingy (that’s a word), so I put on compression socks and took it to the treadmill. Running on the ‘mill on a beautiful morning isn’t ideal, but I hoped that the softer surface would be better for the ol’ foot.


I’m lucky enough to have my own treadmill, which made it more bearable…I could at least watch The Bachelorette on Hulu. That show drives me nuts but I love it. Weird, I know.

Anyway, I think the compression and the treadmill were both good choices. My foot definitely let me know it was there, but never hurt badly enough to make me change my gait. It actually feels better now, a few hours post-run, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. My letter must have worked.

I followed up the run with this strength workout, minus the mountain climbers because they hurt my foot, and some abs. It was a nice, quick-ish butt-kicker.


Target Practice

Moving on. The ladies over at Fit. Fun. Femme. (which is a great blog…check it out) do a weekly “target practice” post. Here’s their explanation of Target Practice:

“This is where we (Sara and Natalie) share our list of  fitness, health and life goals, keeping us accountable and helping to achieve our weekly aspirations. Every type A girl (that’s us!) loves a good list – we hope you do too!”

They invite other bloggers to do the same, so I’m joining this party.

Life: Get a solid start on rearranging my grammar/writing curriculum for my sophomore classes. This was my biggest work-related goal for the summer. So far, I have read one chapter of the book I was going to use to guide me, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. This has been me this summer:

I’ll remedy that starting today.

Health: Eat peanut butter and dark chocolate less than daily. This probably seems silly, but I have a major addiction, and since I’m home for most meals this time of year, it’s gotten waaaay to easy to have my favorite little dessert after every meal. And snack.

 So I need to cut that back a bit. But not out entirely, because that would be torture.

Fitness: Keep babying that foot so I can get my scheduled workouts in for the rest of the week!

And with that, I’d probably better get started on that life goal.


Are you a treadmill fan or hater?


What are some of your goals for the week?


8 thoughts on “Target Practice Tuesday”

  1. Way to show that foot who is boss! I think I am having sympathy pains in my right foot for your left foot. Want to write it a letter and see what happens?

    I like the treadmill because I can hook up my Kindle and read while I walk.

    Target Tuesday list:
    Life: Get my house in some sort of company-coming-over worthy condition
    Health: Today I am starting a journey on documentation of food calories
    Fitness: Do anything that gets me up off the couch. Just movement.

    P.S Are you sure that I am not your “DJ”?

  2. Heck yes – take that foot!!! And so glad you are Target Practice-ing with us! I would like running on the treadmill much more if I had a TV close by with the Bachelorette on. I missed it last night – was it good?

    I work from home so I make all of my meals. I can’t keep certain things in the house or I KNOW I will eat the whole box/bag/bar. I feel you on the chocolate and peanut butter! I usually have a side of fruit with my meals so I don’t run to the chocolate too quickly.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Way to power through! I like the treadmill a lot. its just easier on the body over all and while it may not be quite as nice as being outside on a nice day, there’s always tv or what have you to keep the time moving. and ahh dark chocolate is my weakness too! theres no such thing for me when it comes to dark chocolate moderation- i either eat it every day or i go cold turkey. im currently in an every day phase. we have those dove squares at my office so its so easy to just get a couple squares after lunch! ah so good and so addicting!

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