The Little Things

Good morning! Or good afternoon. Or good whenever you’re reading this.

I started my day with 7 miles of 800-meter repeats at 5k pace. It was mildly brutal since I haven’t done speedwork in several months, but I like speedwork nonetheless. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m done, and even though it’s a small accomplishment, it makes me happy.

Here are some other little things that make me happy (should I be concerned that they’re mostly food-related?):

1. I found these at Wal-Mart yesterday!

picture 004 If you don’t understand why that’s exciting, you’ve clearly never tried to buy Larabars in Fort Morgan, Colorado. I had never seen them here until yesterday. I may have done a little dance in the aisle when I spotted them.

2. This:

picture 005

We found this sweet potato butter at the produce stand we stopped at this weekend. It is pretty much the most delicious thing I’ve ever encountered. The nutrition label says it contains 38 servings. I think this company needs to hire a label-writer who can count.

3. This comic from The Oatmeal.

4. Summer eating. This was my dinner last night:

picture 006 Summer squash, snap peas, corn, sweet potato. Dessert was apricots and yogurt. Fresh produce makes me very, very happy.

See, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Unfortunately, I can get annoyed by little things sometimes, too. Like these things:

1. Apparently this look is fashionable now:

No, this outfit. Go back to 1994 where you belong.

2. This is a show:

Apparently, it’s like Survivor. Only naked. Wrong, America. Just wrong.

3. Butter-wrapper protesters. Oh, yes, they exist.

4. Bacon obsessions. Not everything has to have bacon in it, you know.

That’s a bacon martini (source). Ick. It’s just pig meat, folks. Stop getting so excited about it.

I don’t want to leave you on an annoyed note, so here’s one more thing that makes me happy. You’ve probably seen it, but it makes me smile every time. This penguin:

What are some little things that make you happy or annoyed?

16 thoughts on “The Little Things”

  1. Love the blerch! I am going to have to use that concept and word more!

    Five things that make me happy:
    1. getting flowers from friends
    2. used books in the mail for free
    3.making new friends
    4.showering in my own shower
    5. sweet corn surprises

    five things that annoy me:
    1. Windy Wiggins
    2.Viagra commericals
    3. spiders who come down right above your head while in bed
    4. people who fold down the corner of their books
    5. when people don’t keep their word

  2. I agree! Not everything needs to have bacon added to it! My husband always says everything tastes better with bacon… to which I say everything tastes like a greasy mess with bacon! (One exception: bacon wrapped dates from Firefly. They are a delicious combination.)

  3. Just found your blog and I am hooked! That sweet potato butter looks amazing. And, yes, that outift does need to return to 1994!

  4. That sweet potato butter sounds amazing! And I don’t get the whole bacon craze either!

  5. hahaha they DO need to hire a label maker who can count. and i dont understand the obsession with bacon either, leave it out of your martinis people! its ok, you can have it for breakfast tomorrow you dont need it all day long! there, ive said my peace. also things that make me happy- i thought we were out of english muffins this morning, but it turns out we had one left 🙂 ahh the little things 🙂

  6. Those shorts…yeah I am so with you. My rant for today is when I take my time finding the perfect pieces of produce and the cashier tosses them around and sets them on top of raw meat. I shudder just thinking about it. Happy I found you!

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Of course you can use the “Thirty Before 30” idea…the more the merrier!! Also…I work for the same company that makes Larabars. Send me a note on my contact form and I will totally hook you up 🙂

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