Feeling Productive and Target Practice

Happy Monday! I’m feeling productive this morning, especially for a Monday. So far, I ran 6.2 recovery miles, cleaned my whole house, washed a ton of dishes, and did two loads of laundry. And it’s not even 10:00! I guess that’s the one good thing about not having air conditioning — it makes me get up and get things done before it’s 100 degrees.

For the last two weeks, I’ve copied borrowed the idea of a weekly “target practice” post from Fit. Fun. Femme. It’s a great way to set goals for the week and to be held accountable. Here are my targets for this week:

Target Practice

Life: Get a solid start on setting up my classroom. We don’t officially report for another two weeks, but getting set up and ready to go before inservice week makes me a lot less stressed out. I had a dream last night that five minutes before class started on the first day of school, I realized that I hadn’t copied any of my syllabi. I don’t want that to happen in real life, so I’ll start getting set up tomorrow.

Health: Focus on proper post-run nutrition. I’m reading Matt Fitzgerald’s The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition (review coming this week, I hope!), and the recovery section made me realize that I need to put a little more focus on recovery nutrition.

Fitness: Complete all my scheduled training runs and strength train three times. This was a goal last week, too, and I only strength trained twice, so it’s a goal again this week.

This is a picture-less post because I’m a terrible blogger and never remember to take any. Maybe  I should add “actually take photos” to my goals for the week.

What are your goals for the week?

Least favorite housework chore? Mine is dusting. Followed closely by vacuuming the stairs.

12 thoughts on “Feeling Productive and Target Practice”

  1. Love your Target Practice! I’m also the worst blogger ever b/c I always forget to take pictures. I need to get it together. I hate cleaning the bathroom, although I love a clean bathroom. Catch 22….

  2. My biggest goal for the week is not to freak out about school, followed by getting as much done on my house as possible!
    Worst chore would be……probably the bathroom.

  3. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually dusted my house. Except for maybe the TV/TV stand, which always seems to get super dusty. I loathe the dishes. I always make deals with my boyfriend so I don’t have to do them.

    I love your target posts! It’s on my list to strength train this week more, too!

    Can’t wait to hear your review for the book!

  4. You might have inspired me to make my own “target practice” list… The decline of my strength training and core work is directly correlated with the increase of my mileage. Ugh!

  5. I love this Target Practice! I never hone in on goals for the week, just big ones. Zoning in on small goals I can complete would probably be a really good thing for me since I just get frustrated with myself when I don’t meet the big, long term goals in a short amount of time, if you understand what I’m trying to say! Way to go on getting all of that stuff done before 10!! That’s really amazing. And your classroom will be beautiful before you know it.

    1. I tend to be the same way, which is why I’m loving the weekly goals. And I like blogging them, because then I feel like I have to actually complete them, because I told people that I would. 🙂

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