Target Practicing on Tuesday

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but then my Garmin died and my posting plans changed. So it’s here today instead.

Target Practice is a weekly goal-setting idea that I stole from Fit. Fun. Femme. because they have better blogging ideas than I do. Ha. Here are my goals for the week:

Target Practice


Life: Soak up the last few days before work officially starts again on Friday. The next few days are busy, but I want to try to savor them as much as possible. On Friday, my goal will be to be positive and excited to be back!

Health: Keep the eating clean since we’ll be surrounded by fair food for a couple of days. I’m pretty fortunate in that I legitimately don’t like most fried foods, but there might be some other temptations. Also, get enough sleep. I don’t want to start the school year tired and grumpy!

Fitness: As always, keep with my training schedule. For the last few weeks, I’ve made a goal to strength train three times, and honestly, I just don’t think that’s realistic this week. So instead, I’m shooting for two strength days and one yoga day. I got a couple of yoga apps on my new phone that I’m excited to try out, so hopefully that one won’t be too hard!

I’ll post on Sunday and let you know how I did with my goals. Chew me out if I mess up, okay?

What’s one goal you have this week?

Do you like fair food? What’s your favorite fair-type indulgence?

11 thoughts on “Target Practicing on Tuesday”

  1. My goal for the week was to go swimming. Just once. Just do it. I thankfully knocked it off my list on Monday, but it was an epic event for me. I am terrified of the pool. I might even go AGAIN this week! I don’t even recognize myself anymore?!

    1. Great job getting it off the list! I can swim well enough to stay alive, but the last time I tried lap swimming (like…10 years ago) it was not pretty. So kudos to you for facing the struggle and getting it done!

  2. hmm, i just tried commenting but i dont think it went through… however if this is a repeat, i apologize, and actually i dont even remember what i said exactly, but it was long the lines of i was JUST talking about fair food the other day. ive never had a funnel cake! everything else there- although it all gives me a stomach ache after is delicious 🙂

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