So Many Thursday Things

Hi friends! And strangers who creepily read my blog without commenting. I have so many things to tell you, but none of them are related, so this is a pretty random blog post. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Thing #1: My Scary Running Experience

This morning, as I was running, I passed an old couple in motorized wheelchairs. We said good morning, and that was that. Until I headed back. As I turned a corner, I saw the old woman standing up, clearly fighting with something on her wheelchair. I thought, “I’ll be there in a few seconds; if she’s still struggling, I’ll see if I can help.” But then, she fell face-first onto the sidewalk. I said a naughty word and kicked it into a sprint.

When I got to her, she had managed to turn over and was sitting up. The wheelchair had rolled forward, pinning her foot against the curb. I pushed the wheelchair gently off her foot; it had twisted her shoe, but her shoe and sock were both thick, so her foot didn’t seem badly hurt. I asked if she needed me to call someone (with the cell phone that I left at home…), and that’s when I learned she didn’t speak English. Her husband did, though, and insisted that they could make it home. I helped her get back into the wheelchair and put her shoe back on, then asked the man how close they lived. He told me, and I said, “I’m running that way anyway. I’ll follow you.” (I was running that way, but would’ve followed anyway, of course). So I did follow them, and they at least made it home, where I knew he would have access to a phone if she was hurt worse than she seemed.

So that was my scary experience this morning. I’m just glad she was okay! And it reminded me that I should carry my phone. My new iPhone is too big to fit in any of the water bottle pockets that my old phone fit in. I bought an armband for it, but in order for the phone to fit, I’d have to take it out of the Otterbox. And putting it back in the Otterbox is a pain, so I don’t want to do that every day.

So, my fellow iPhoners, how do you carry your phone when you run?

Thing #2: Fun Times at the County Fairs

I mentioned earlier in the week that we would be hopping between two local county fairs to watch our niece and our students. Tuesday, we headed up to Fair #1 and watched the bull riding. Bull riding scares me, even though I’m not the one on the bull. Illogical? Probably. But I don’t like to see people get hurt (see Thing #1). But I like it when the cowboy makes the whole ride.

Wednesday morning, our niece showed her sheep. She did well, and we got in some QT with the family.

reece and charlieOur niece, Reece, post-show, savoring her last few days with her favorite lamb, Charlie.

j and coltj jace and coltJ soaking up some nephew time.

After that fair, we headed to our county’s. A couple of weeks ago, we heard that they needed some help serving a dinner at the fair. Since every now and then we like to do something nice, we volunteered. I didn’t take any pictures, because it was basically just us standing behind a table of food, saying “Would you like steak or a hamburger?” several hundred times. I know that’s really exciting stuff and you would have loved a picture, but tough luck.

We got to see a few of our students at the dinner, and saw a bunch of their exhibits and livestock with their awards. Our kids did really well. Good job, kids. (Not sarcastic. Why does everything I write seem sarcastic? Oh, maybe because 90% of the time I am sarcastic. Probably should work on that.)

Thing #3: Proofreading Is Important.

I got my journalism students’ press passes today from the Colorado High School Athletic Association. This was part of the letter that came with them:

I didn’t know that press credentials could be disturbed, and I’m pretty sure my students don’t need to be encouraged to disturb anything. Nice work, CHSAA.

Thing #4: Adios, Summer

Although I’ve been in to work many times this summer, tomorrow is the first day that I have to be there. So, summer is over. Bye, friend. I’ll miss you.

And those are all my things. For now.

Since you’ve probably forgotten this question by now: iPhoners, where do you carry your phone when you run?

What’s the scariest thing you’ve seen while running/walking/cycling/ whateveryoudo?

Do you like bull riding?



20 thoughts on “So Many Thursday Things”

  1. I do like bull riding! One of my favorite movies is “8 Seconds” even though I cry every time!

    As for iPhone I don’t really run, so either my pocket of my pants or in my boob jail as awkward as that can be sometimes.

    Way to be a good citizen and person. I am proud of you!

  2. Well since you are “stacked” (according to GG) maybe your iPhone should go between your girls? 😉

    Yes, I like bull riding 🙂

  3. No iphone as you know, but I do see a lot of people carrying them in armbands at the rec center. The scariest thing I’ve seen (and it wasn’t as scary as your experience), was one day at the rec, I was finishing my workout when an elderly man came in and started walking on the treadmill in front of me. Suddenly he almost fell off the back, grabbed his chest and doubled over. I was the only one in the cardio room, but still all I had to do in order to get help was yell. Not nearly as scary as being outdoors with no cell phone to get help. Child, what are you doing not carrying your cell phone? Okay, no more scolding. Back to the story, the man had recently had heart surgery and was fine. He did thank me for my concern and after explaining his situation to me, left the center.
    As far as bull riding goes, no I do not like to watch men get tossed around like rag dolls, thrown, gored, or stomped into the ground. Not my idea of a fun time.
    Have a great school year, Cass.

  4. First of all lol to Noelle. Second I enjoy so much around me when I run. The crisp air blowing against my face, the sound of the gravel on the street, the sound of AC DC playing on my ear bubs. Oh wait a minute that is what was in my bubble thought as I was lying down watching Shark Week. Silly me I don’t run.

  5. omg that running story is so scary! that was so nice of you to follow them home! ok so for my iphone- this is really DIY, but it works- i cut off the toe part of a sock, and attached it to the inside of my running leggings with two safety pins at the waist band. problem solved 🙂 nobody can see it, it doesnt budge, and the phone fits. have a great weekend!

  6. Whoa scary moment. Glad she was okay!

    I love watching bull riding! Ha. I also really enjoy the bare back bronco riding. But the little kids on the sheep…that’s my favorite.

    Sorry your summer’s over =(. If I bring my phone, I usually have my running pack on or my water belt and it fits in both of those. otherwise I don’t bring it.

    1. I love the mutton-bustin’, too! They’re so cute. I thought last weekend that I would put my phone in my fuel belt…but then I ran .2 miles and remembered that my fuel belt drives me nuts. Fail.

  7. Hello, I’m a creepy stranger. I found your blog through Body Firm’s posting. I am interested because I’m a sporadic, 5k runner living in the same area and liked your posting on hill runs. I need to do more things like that, but am not sure where to do them. Anyway, I do have a suggestion for your iPhone: Tuneband by Grantwood Technology. It’s pricier than a sock in the waistband, but it’s durable and protects the phone’s edges and screen.

    I’m looking forward to your review of the Garmin 210!

      1. I do work out at Body Firm, but not as much during summer break. I’ve been doing more body weight/circuit training with short runs and haven’t needed to use either weight or cardio machines as often. The class you mentioned sounds interesting. I haven’t taken a class in a long time, but I need to break out of my routine and try new things. When I do exercise at Body Flab I take off my glasses and usually can’t see anything!

  8. I’m a creepy blog reader too. I found you through Fit. Fun. Femme who I found (I think) through Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. 😉

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