Sunday Night Target Practice

Here’s what I learned this week: blogging while working full-time is hard. All summer, I worked for a few hours a day and then had lots more time to write my posts and read and comment on other bloggers’ stuff…all on my 95-year-old computer. Now that I don’t have nearly as much time, my posting and commenting might become a little more sporadic. So please bear with me and still be my Internet friend, okay? 

I decided last week to write Target Practice posts on Sunday night, because I’m 98% certain that Monday will not be a school-year blogging day for me.  Don’t forget that I took this idea from Fit. Fun. Femme. Also don’t forget that their blog is awesome and you should read it. 

Target Practice

Let’s check in on last week’s goals:

Life: I made a goal to stay positive during the prior-to-school-starting inservice meetings. Lucky for me, there was  only one tedious one, and I did kiiinda okay at not being grumpy. Could’ve been better. The other half of this goal was to have a great first two days with kids. At least that half was a win!

Health: The goal was uber-early bedtimes. I did go to bed as early as possible, so that’s a win, methinks. 

Fitness: This was the same goal I’ve had for a couple of weeks: stick with the marathon training schedule, strength train twice, stretch/foam roll once, and do yoga once. Here’s how the week turned out:

Monday: AM: 10 miles with 8 at goal marathon pace. PM: My favorite 1-hour Muscle Works class
Tuesday: AM: 8.4 miles easy PM: 30 minutes yoga, thanks to my new iPhone and its fancy apps.
Wednesday: AM: Cruise intervals — 10 x 1000m w/200m jog. This was hard. 9 miles total. 
Thursday: AM: 7.4 miles easy PM: 50 minutes strength training
Friday: AM: 8.5 miles easy 
Saturday: 11.4-mile progression run. It felt super weird that my “long run” was so short (compared to usual marathon-training long runs), but the schedule said “90-minute progression run,” so that’s what I did
Sunday: Rest. Blogging instead of stretching and rolling. 
Totals: 54 miles running, 2 hours strength, 30 minutes yoga, 0 minutes stretching/rolling

So, I got in the yoga and not the stretching/rolling. Last week, I did the stretching and not the yoga. Can you tell what my least favorite form of exercise is?

On to this week’s goals:

Life: I have  a lot of work-related goals, but I don’t really want to post them here. That might be weird, but guess who cares? Not me. Instead, I’ll post a blog-related goal, because I really don’t want this new hobby of mine to go by the wayside during the school year: Post decent blogs three times (not counting this one).  

Health: Eat clean all week. This includes avoiding the various candy dishes around the campus. Dear coworkers who read my blog: If you see me reaching for a candy dish, please slap my hand.

I did my usual Sunday meal planning and prep today, so that should help. 

food(This crummy picture of my food prep is the only one I have taken since Thursday. Well, that’s not true. I took one of my sister-in-law at the wedding we went to Saturday, but it was not flattering and she would probably punch my face if I posted it. The point is that once again, I failed at blog photo-taking.)

Fitness: Well, let’s keep this goal going until I actually meet it. Stick with the training schedule, lift twice, yoga once, stretching once. I think I’m going to try evening running this week. It’s still hot, but I have to get up so early to run before school that I’m on the treadmill anyway (I refuse to run in the dark). I’ll see which is worse: too hot or too boring. 

Other bloggers: How do you make time to do a good job at this?

What are some of your goals for the week?

11 thoughts on “Sunday Night Target Practice”

  1. Fitness is such a huge part of my life that not carving out a chunk of time each day feels crazy to me. I start to feel anxious if I don’t do some form of physical activity, so I definitely make it a priority. Your workout schedule is absolutely awesome! 54 miles and your first week! You are amazing.

  2. Thank you…blogging while working full-time IS hard! I don’t understand the people who don’t think it is.

    I have no tips other than I chunk out a few hours on the weekend to pre-write a lot of posts if I can. Otherwise, I only write when I have something I really want to write about (or actually have the time/energy). Some weeks I just don’t have the time or energy (like last week), so I just don’t post.

  3. It’s really hard to fit the blogging into race training and work, but I think ofnit as a part of my training and my sanity because I enjoy it so much. I also think about how easy it is to find time to waste and if I was more efficient I’d have more blogging time. Good luck!

  4. I’ve been struggling with blogging while working full time too! Plus, there are all the hours spent working out and making new recipes! Normally, I set aside a Saturday or Sunday to get a few blog posts out of the way. I also spend my lunch breaks writing and editing posts, which helps break up my day up.

  5. Your Sunday meal prep is wonderful – I wish I had your motivation! You are going to rock your marathon and you are so awesome for keeping up with your training and a full time job – it can be so hard! Have a wonderful week!!

    1. Haha I know!! There are so many things I need/want to do! One of my students (who is a random facts master, for some reason) told me that giraffes only sleep like 2 hours a day. It kinda made me wish I were a giraffe.

  6. oh tell me about it- blogging is another full time (unpaid) job! you just have to figure out a schedule that works for you. i’ve had to cut down a bit from a 5-day a week posting schedule to 3-4 days a week. just find your balance. and btw- anytime i manage to not be grumpy, i consider a huge win! nice work on that! 🙂

    1. I was thinking 3-4 posts a week, too, but it’s looking like it might be 1-2, at least for the first few weeks of school. I’m glad I’m not the only one who considers nongrumpiness an accomplishment!

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