Farewell, Old Friend

I was there the night that Garmin Forerunner 305 passed away. It was such an ordinary Sunday evening: we’d gone for a bike ride, and I was just getting ready to program Monday’s workout into 305. Suddenly, his screen went blank, and he became entirely unresponsive. Oh, I tried to save him. I plugged him into the wall. I plugged him into the computer. I tried soft resets and hard resets, according to the owner’s manual, time and time again. I cried. I begged. But still no response.

The next morning, I called the Garmin support center, and though they too tried valiantly to save him, it soon became clear that 305 was gone.

We had a good almost-five years together, 305. I remember the day I got you. It was a few days after Christmas. Jordan and I had gone to his parents’ first, and we had just arrived at my parents’ house. I told my dad that I had received some gift cards for Christmas, and that I wanted to spend them on “this really cool watch. It tracks your pace, distance, calories, heart rate — everything!” Of course, I was talking about you. As soon as my mom walked into the room, Dad insisted that we open gifts immediately. And that’s when I met you, elegantly wrapped in glittery paper and ribbon. From that moment on, we were inseparable.


stock-photo-3279131-young-couple-in-love-jumping-on-meadow (1)

You were there with me through training for my first marathon, and you helped to pace me through the race. You’ve been through bitter cold and sweltering hot runs, from the Olympic peninsula to a Mexican beach to Boston. You were there for me through good runs and bad, shouting at me to speed up or slow down as needed. I will miss you, 305.

(Not my picture. He died without being immortalized in photo).

But even in death, 305 is still giving. As we speak, he is in transit to Garmin headquarters in Kansas, where he will be refurbished. By donating his body this way, 305 provided me with a $70 credit toward his replacement, Garmin Forerunner 210, who should be arriving by the end of the week.


Garmin Forerunner 305 was dearly beloved and will be dearly  missed. Farewell, old friend.

Week in Review

Like that post title? It makes me feel like I’m a news site. Breaking News: I’m not. Anyway, Sunday night is a good time to look back on the week and check in on the goals I set on Target Practice Monday. 

Life: I made two specific goals for work this week: figure out what to use to host my school newspaper, and go back over my curriculum (which I’d worked on this summer) to make sure I had all the standards covered. I got both of those done, plus some other school-related work. Check!

Health: My goal wasn’t very specific; it was just to clean up my diet again after a sugar-heavy weekend. I’ll call this a success, too.

Fitness: Goal #1 was to follow my training schedule. Here’s what my training looked like:

Monday: 10-mile progression run
Tuesday: Easy 8.7
Wednesday: Easy 8.1
Thursday: 14 x 400-meter repeats. With warm-up and cool down: 9.1 miles
Friday: Easy 7.2
Saturday: 18.1 miles
Weekly total: 61. Boom.

Goal #2 was to strength train three times. I made it twice. Near miss.
And goal #3 was to stretch and foam roll twice. I did that once and yoga once…we’ll call it 2/3 successful.

Check back tomorrow night for next week’s Target Practice post!

Here are some other highlights of the week:

  • Thursday was my birthday.  I went to work. But Wednesday, we went to Fort Collins, and that was fun. I had a gyno appointment in the morning (happy birthday to me!), but then we went to Verizon to get our phones upgraded. I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone. I’m so trendy. It only takes me five years to get the cool technology. But I’m loving the iPhone. Be prepared to see lots of iPhone pictures here.
  • Yesterday’s long run was super humid. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not usually humid here in Colorado, so that was weird. Turns out, that humidity was a precursor to this:
    Photo: Switched from a tornado warning to flash flood warning. I can see why.
    That’s our backyard. It’s under water. We had some wicked thunderstorms, a tornado warning (first time I’d heard the tornado sirens for anything but a test. Not cool.), and a flash flood warning. Craziness. We had a frantic little adventure when we discovered that the rain was pouring in next to the window air conditioner in the bedroom. It was a bit of a mess, and J ended up just taking the thing down. But at least we didn’t get tornadoed!
  • Tonight, the hubs and I went for a nice little bike ride to try to get the most out of our last summer Sunday. It was glorious.

    (See, iPhone photos are happening already.)

This week should be a pretty fun one before the school year starts. I’ll go in to work a couple of times, but it’s also county fair time. Our nieces are in one county and our students are in another, so we’ll be bouncing back and forth trying to catch as many of them in action as possible. And then, we’re officially back to work on Friday. Adios, summer!

What was the best part of your weekend?

What are you most looking forward to this week?

Thirty Before Thirty

Good news: Today is my birthday!

(That’s not me. But obviously I was a ginger baby).

I’m 28. That feels kinda old. But as my dad says, “Getting older is better than the alternative!” Ha. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I saw this post at Healthy and Happy Hour, and I decided to do it, too. I only have two years before I turn thirty. This is a list thirty things I want to do in the meantime. Some of them are big achievements and some are small, but they’re all things I’d like to accomplish.

This was surprisingly difficult to write and took me a few weeks. I kept wanting to write things like “become a better teacher” or “be a better friend,” but those aren’t really a cross-off-the-list-able goals (because when do you know you’ve accomplished them?).

Here are my 30 goals. Hold me to them!

Thirty Before Thirty

  1. Learn to can and freeze fruits and veggies. My mom and grandma preserved fresh produce every summer when I was young, and I never paid attention to how they did it. Now that I have a house with a big enough pantry and a deep freeze, I want to put up my own stuff – cheaper and healthier than store-bought.
  2. Attempt to get published in an education journal.  I submitted an article a couple of years ago, at a grad school professor’s request. It got rejected, and then I was scared to try again. Time to get over it keep trying.
  3. Run a 3-hour marathon. That’s besting my PR by 13 minutes. Ambitious? Yes. But isn’t that the point of making a goal?
  4. Visit the ocean at least twice. Once a year for the next two years. Husband, please start saving money. 🙂 Speaking of that…
  5. Save money and get better at sticking to a budget.
  6. PR in the half-marathon.
  7. Put in a beautiful backyard. We bought this house last May, and the backyard was completely bare except for a big tree. We’re planning to get sprinklers and sod in this fall, then work on flowerbeds, etc. It’s more like a five-year (or more) project, but In two years’ time, I’d love to have an inviting backyard that’s great for entertaining, playing, and relaxing.
  8. Visit my grandparents more. Like my parents, my grandparents live on the other side of the state, 6+ hours away. Unlike my parents, my grandparents don’t travel, so I only see them 2-3 times a year (the school year and those pesky Rocky Mountains make travel hard from August-May). I need to make the trip a little more often and spend time with them while I still can.
  9. Make more local friends. My college roommates are still my best friends in the world, but we aren’t physically close anymore. Meeting new people is not easy for me, as I’m naturally introverted, and it took me a long time to make friends here. I’d like to keep meeting people and expanding that friend circle.
  10. And continue growing the friendships that I have. It gets hard to see even local friends with everyone’s busy schedules. I need to be better about making it a priority.
  11. Hang out with our neighbors. I lived in the country growing up, so I had this idea that in town, everyone on the block would know each other, come over for barbeques, chat while getting the mail, etc. That hasn’t really happened here. I’d like to get to know our neighbors better over the next couple of years.
  12. Volunteer.  Every year in about April, I say I’m going to volunteer somewhere for the summer. And every year, it’s suddenly the end of July and I haven’t done it. All the while, I exhort my students to volunteer as much as possible. Hypocrite much?
  13. Run the stairs at Red Rocks. This is a quintessential Colorado thing to do, but since I live almost two hours from Red Rocks, I’ve never done it. But I will sometime when I stay with Denver friends or family.

    (Like this. Source)
  14. Go white-water rafting. I keep seeing all these blog posts about it, and every time we drive I-70 in the summer, there are a ton of people out on the river. It looks fun, and I want to do it, too.
  15. Get a new computer. Sweet goodness, I hope this happens in the next two years. This baby is seven years old, which is 87 million in computer years, and it’s slow as my husband molasses.
  16. Go on a girls’ trip. My three college roommates and I try to get together a couple of times a year, but it’s getting harder and harder with jobs, marriages, babies, etc., and it’s been too long since all four of us have gotten together. Let’s do it, ladies!
  17. Go to California. We have a lot of reasons to go out there –friends, family, wine, the ocean (see #4).
  18. Buy a china cabinet. When we moved into this house, our wedding china finally got to move out of my in-laws basement and into our house. I’ve even used it once, when we hosted Thanksgiving. But it’s living in a closet and isn’t very easy to get to; I’d love to get a real china cabinet to keep it in.
  19. Run a race with my brother. And his girlfriend if she wants to. We’ve done a couple of races together – we don’t run together, but we hang out at the start and finish and cheer each other on– and it’s fun. We haven’t done one for a couple of years, and I think it’s time for another.

    (Me, my brother, and his girlfriend after the last race we did together — Colorado Colfax in 2011. It was rainy, hence my drowned-rat look.)
  20. Get a massage. I’ve only had one in my life and the whole naked-rubbing-by-a-stranger thing creeped me out. I should try again because everyone else loves them and they’re good for runners.
  21. Restain our deck. Because it needs it. Badly.
  22.  Eat at Fruition. Fruition is a Denver restaurant that is said to be amazing. I’ve wanted to go there for a couple of years and can never get a reservation.
  23. Find or invent a tofu recipe that my husband will eat.
  24. Visit the wildlife sanctuary in Hudson. About an hour away from us is a wildlife rescue with tigers, lions, etc. Everyone says it’s worth going to, but we have never gone.
  25. Hike into the Roubideau Canyon with my family. This is the canyon I talked about here. Dad and I hiked it when I was eight; it’s one of my fondest memories. I’d love to go back down there and see if there are still lots of little fishes in the stream at the bottom.
  26. Take our nieces on a mini-vacation. J and I have three nieces. The two oldest are starting seventh grade and the youngest is starting second. As they get older and busier, it’s getting harder and harder to spend quality time with them. I’d love to take them on a weekend aunt-uncle-kids getaway.
  27. Go rock climbing either outdoors or on a wall. My friend from college keeps a really cool blog, and she’s always posting about rock climbing. It looks uber fun. I want to try.
  28. Go for a trail run. Because they’re the best, and happen far too little for me.
  29. Stand up on waterskis. I’ve only tried waterskiing once – last summer with my in-laws. I swallowed a lot of lake water and didn’t actually ski. But I will do it eventually!

    (If a squirrel can do it, surely I can)
  30. Go to Pawnee ButtesAnother local spot that we’ve never ventured out to.

So those are my goals for the next two years. I know that was lengthy; if you made it this far, thanks!

Any advice to help me meet these goals?

What are some of your upcoming goals? If you do a post like this, link to it in the comments — I’d love to read it!