September Target Practice

Happy September 1! And Happy Labor Day! Anybody doing anything fun for the long weekend? I am not. After several weekends of being gone at least one full day, I was way too excited to have a weekend to stay home and get caught up on house and yard stuff. I’m an old lady. Not complaining…I am who I am.

I’m bound and determined to get this blog on some sort of schedule, so I’m writing my Target Practice post on Sunday night again — unlike last week, when my “usual” Sunday post didn’t get written until Tuesday.

Target Practice
(As always, this is Fit. Fun. Femme.’s idea, not mine).

Let’s check in on those goals, shall we? I’m giving myself grades again, because that was fun.

Life: The goal was to blog three times. I did it, if you count the Target Practice post. My favorite post of the week was this one. Grade: B. (A’s are for going above and beyond. It would have been a C, but I like that Life Lessons post enough to add some extra credit).

Health:  Figure out sleep.

Ha. Funny goal, Cassie. Of course, reading this book didn’t help the sleeping situation:

Darn you, Ken Follett and your riveting novels.

I finished the book yesterday and slept a lot last night, so that was nice. (More proof that I’m an old lady: I was super stoked that I “slept in” until 6:00 this morning before my internal alarm popped awake). Grade: D. Because I didn’t do worse, but no better, either.

Fitness: This was the same goal I’ve had for weeks and weeks: Stick with the training plan, strength train twice, stretch/foam roll once, yoga once. Here’s how it went down:

Monday: AM – 11.5 miles easy. (That’s the longest I’ve run before work in a long time. I learned that I can get ready for work fast…I got off the treadmill at 6:20 and was pulling out of the driveway at 6:40.) PM – 60-minute strength class with my favorite butt-kicking instructor, Carly.
Tuesday: AM – 8.5 miles easy.
Wednesday: AM – 10 miles of Yasso 800s. PM – 45 minutes strength training at home. Preceded by 15 minutes of lying on the floor beside my dumbbells, trying to get motivated to pick them up.
Thursday: AM – 8 miles easy
Friday: AM – 7 miles easy
Saturday: AM – 22 miles
Sunday: Rest day; 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling… done right before I blogged, so that I wouldn’t have to admit to not doing yoga or stretching this week.

Totals: 67 miles, 2 hours strength, no yoga, just a smidge of stretching. Grade: C

Instead of setting goals for the week, I’ve set some for the month of September. Here they are:

Life: 1. Stay on top of grading and planning. Nothing is worse than getting behind and feeling like you’ll never catch up. 2. Make dates with friends. I tend to let my relationships slide during the school year, and I don’t want to let that happen this year.

Blog: I’m adding this one as its own category. Goals: 1. Take more photos (although I really hate selfies. I don’t have a problem with other people’s, but I feel like a chump taking my own). 2. Get on a regular blogging schedule, posting at least three times a week.

Health: Sleep enough. Eat well. Take vitamins and drink Airborne. Sanitize my hands, desk, doorknob, etc. In other words, DON”T GET SICK!

Fitness: Train hard. September is peak month on my training schedule. If I’m going to do well in October, I need to kill it in September!

Tada! September goals.

What are your goals/plans for the month?

Did you do/are you doing anything fun for the long weekend?

6 thoughts on “September Target Practice”

  1. My goal for September is to be active 21 of the 30 days of the month. I too would like to stay caught up on grading and planning, but here I am reading blogs while a pile of papers sits next to me waiting to be graded. *sigh*

    Can’t wait for the three blogs a week!

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