Random Thursday Things

Okay, pals, I’ve had a few little things happen lately that make me think, “I have to put that on the blog.” But none of them are significant enough to merit a blog post alone, so I’m listing them all here. Sorry for the lack of coherence.

1. Tuesday evening, I went for my first after-school run this school year. The weather was glorious and cool, and I was having just a dandy time. I passed a couple sitting on a bench at the park, and — like I always do — waved and said, “HI!” Now, the expected response in this situation is an equally friendly salutation. What I got instead, from the woman on the bench, was “EFF OFF!” (She said the full word. I edited to protect the innocent.)

 –> my response.

That’s weird, right? What did I ever do to her? I just kept on running.

2. I have beanbags in my classroom, because I’m a super cool teacher (sarcasm font needed here). The beanbags are getting old and very flat, but I didn’t want to throw them out, because that seemed wasteful. So instead, I hopped on Amazon and bought some beanbag filling. File that one under “worst ideas ever.”



Turns out, beanbags are hard to fill. And tiny Styrofoam balls are hard to clean up when spilled all over the floor.

3. This news story. A drunk man was arrested in Boulder. He was riding his horse. To Utah. With a dog in his backpack. So much stupid in one little package.

4. I was griping about this to Jordan as we stood in line at the grocery store last weekend:

candyMy grapes were $2.87. That Hershey’s bar is $0.68. Dear America: This is why you’re fat.

5. This is a peak week of marathon training, and it is HARD. I may or may not have just crawled up the stairs because walking up seemed like too much work after 12 miles of tempo intervals.

And that is all. I hope you all had a happy Thursday. The weekend is near!

Tell me something random about you. 


12 thoughts on “Random Thursday Things”

  1. Okay I totally thought the same thing re: #4 yesterday (although I’m in Canada)… The cheapest thing I bought at the grocery store was the 4 for $5 Kraft Mac & Cheese… like really?! 4 boxes… that’s $1.25 for a supposed “meal” how crazy is that?! No wonder people don’t eat healthy… Ugh! (P.S. I bought it for my boyfriend because he eats that crap…)

  2. That drunken horseback rider story had me cracking up when I heard about it earlier. I mean it is a terrible story, but, like you say, so many wrongs right there. Good luck with your training. Stairs can be rough after a solid run. Just means you are doing it well!

  3. Oh my gosh! How rude was that lady!?! I probably would have cried. I am not in peak week of any training, but today when I had to climb the stairs to class I seriously thought about crawling because the thought of climbing those 12 steps was so daunting. I can’t even imagine what you are going through!

  4. I was so excited to see you on your run! I had to very quickly run the “rules for running” through my head and what to do to say hello while you are running. I was glad that you looked up so I could wave! I wasn’t going to honk because I think I remembered that was a big no. How RUDE of that girl! You should have kicked her in the shin and then ran!

    Random thing about me: I change my body wash every month even if I am not finished with the current one. It goes on the shelf until the next time it is its turn.

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