Mixed Emotions

Did you guys hear it’s been a little rainy in Colorado?

The floodwaters worked their way from the front range out to us yesterday afternoon/evening. This is just outside the park where I usually run, which, blessedly, is where the flooding here in Fort Morgan did the most damage. I say “blessedly” because no people were in there (thanks to our city police, who kept the looky-loos out) and, as of right now, no homes have been damaged. (Image source)

I’m heartbroken for those on the front range who lost everything, and even more so for those who lost loved ones or whose loved ones are still among the missing. I’m sad and worried for those near us who have lost property, too. We had enough warning out here that people were at least able to get their most valuable belongings and animals to safety, but I worry about the damage and the economic toll this will take on our farm families.

We found out a while ago that school is cancelled tomorrow.  Normally, I’d be happy for an unexpected day off…but it’s hard to be happy when the reason for the day off is that much of my school district is under water. I’m not sure how many of my students had to evacuate, but I worry about them.

But worrying won’t do any good, and I know that. So I’ll spend some time on my day off tomorrow looking for the best ways to help those in need. And I’ll make a donation to one of the places listed in this article, as that seems to be the best way to help right now.

This was kind of a downer post. Tell me some good news in your life.

5 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions”

  1. I’ve been watching all of this on the news and its heart breaking. I’ve been through some natural disasters of my own and its something that really makes you thankful and appreciative of everything. Stay strong!

  2. This has certainly been a tough week. I am feeling pretty bad because it affected my running and I am upset (well, distraught) about that when I faired very, very well. Having a top floor condo really helped, but it was awful to see carpet after carpet out on the streets in the trash. So many people lost so much more than us (we did have an iphone death due to the rain, but it was an older phone and on its way out anyway). I am just thankful I could help others out and bond with neighbors this week 🙂

  3. Some good news in my life: I got to run outside today after being stuck inside yesterday. And I got to wear my new running shoes which were wonderful! The flooding throughout Colorado has been devastating, but especially, for me, in Estes Park. I love to go there with my family and relax, hike, animal watch, etc. It may be a while before we get up there again. Sometimes I feel like I could go off grid in Rocky Mntn. National Park and become a survivalist. I would have to bring my new shoes, though.

  4. Glad you made it out safe. My parents house in FC lucked out, but Estes was a bit of a different story. That being said, we are so lucky that all the damage was to the property, and not to anyone we love. It was sad to come visit Colorado and not be able to run any of my favorite trails because they were all flooded. It was really weird.

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