Back in the Groove: Target Practice

I usually post Target Practice on Sunday nights, but it seemed a little inappropriate to go from “I’m worried about the flood victims” to “Look what I did and plan to do!” in the span of a couple of hours. I don’t know that a day is much better, but…

Target Practice

Target Practice is where I post my weekly goals. I “borrowed” this idea from Fit. Fun. Femme. I also give myself a grade on the previous week’s goals, because I’m a teacher and that’s what I do.

Here were last week’s goals:

LIfe: Call, text, and/or get together with at least one of the friends I haven’t seen in a while. Well, I did contact or was contacted by a number of friends I hadn’t talked to in a while, but not at all in the way I planned. Instead, I exchanged a lot of “You okay?” “Yep. You?” types of texts. (No grade here. Participation points only.)

Health: Eat clean and get enough sleep. I did fairly well with both of these. B+.

Fitness: Follow my training schedule, strength train twice, stretch/foam roll twice, and do at least a short yoga workout once. Here’s how the week played out:

Monday: AM3 x 3 miles at goal marathon pace, with 1000m recoveries. 12.2 miles total. Before work. I’m not gonna lie, folks, I felt pretty cool. PM: Muscle Works at the Body Firm. It kicked my butt.

Tuesday: AM: 30 minutes yoga PM: 9 miles easy.

WednesdayPM: 4 x 2-mile tempo intervals, 12 miles total. I nearly died.

ThursdayAM: 8.5 miles easy, followed by some quick stretching and foam rolling. I intended to strength train later but…I didn’t. Our nieces were playing volleyball here in town, so we went and watched them and then went to dinner with the in-laws. I would have had time to strength train later in the evening, but I just didn’t.

FridayAM: 7.3 miles easy

Saturday22 miles. Weird to think that a big chunk of those miles is now under water.


Totals71 miles (new weekly PR! By one mile, but hey, a PR is a PR), 30 minutes yoga, 1 hour strength training

GradeB. I missed a day of strength and only stretched once, but I’m okay with that during a peak mileage week.

Goals for this week:

Life: Do what I can to help flood victims.

Health: Continue eating clean and getting adequate sleep. Just one month until race day!

Fitness: Can you guess it? Follow the plan. Strength train twice. Yoga once. Stretch and foam roll. It should be a little easier than last week; this is a cutback week mileage-wise.

Do you celebrate mileage PRs?

Tell me a goal you have!

10 thoughts on “Back in the Groove: Target Practice”

  1. glad you’re ok! my sister lives in denver/ works in boulder and she hasnt been able to go to work in days! she says its just unreal out there. these look like some excellent goals!

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