A Few of My Favorite Things: Gear Edition

Everyone loves to talk about how running is a super-cheap sport for which you don’t need much equipment. That’s true, but like most hobbies, the more into it you get, the more things you find to spend money on. These are some of my favorite pieces of gear — both for necessities and not-so-necessaries.

Fact:  I’m not a pro, or sponsored, or an anything ambassador. None of these companies gave me anything to write about them. These are just things I like that work well for me.   

Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire 

Picture 003I started wearing these when they were the Inspire 5’s. Now they’re the 9’s, and I still love them. I overpronate, so I need some support but also like a light-ish shoe. These are my favorites, and if Mizuno ever discontinues this line, I will cry a lot of tears.

Sports Bra: 7 Wonders Bra by Title NIne

7 Wonders Bra
(This picture is from Title Nine’s website. If you thought it was me, then you need to look again at the name of the blog you’re reading.)

I’ve had several of these bras, and have worn them on about a billion long runs and in all my marathons. I have yet to find a sports bra that doesn’t chafe at all, but this one is by far the least-chafing. It’s supportive and it breathes nicely, and the back hook-and-eye makes taking it off when you’re all sweaty much easier. I also love that it has the hook-and-eye but is still a racerback, since almost all my tanks are racerback, too.

At $56 before shipping, this is kind of a pricey little unit. But it’s well worth it for those of us who can’t get away with wearing the pullover bras from Target that everyone seems to love.

Warm-Weather Bottoms: Adidas Climacool Shorts

image: adidas Supernova Shorts D83991 (image from adidas.com)

These are the most comfortable shorts for hot-weather runs. The mesh liner keeps the air moving, and they wick sweat like mad. I also like the cut better than a lot of running shorts … they’re less diaper-like than some (like the classic Nike Tempo shorts).

Cold-Weather Bottoms: CWX Tights

(image from cw-x.com)

(This is a newer edition than the ones I have, but I’m guessing they’re just as awesome.)

My parents got me these tights for Christmas three years ago, and they’re still going strong as my favorite cold-weather tights. I fell on some ice two winters ago and tore a little hole in the knee, but miraculously, it hasn’t spread.

These tights are as awesome as their advertising claims. The compression feels amazing; the extra support on my knees, especially, really helps on long runs. And they’re warm but not stifling — they still breathe. I love them. A lot.

They’re also really pricey…but hey, it’ll be Christmas before you know it. Might as well start that wish list.

Hydration: FuelBelt Slice and Sprint Handheld Bottles 

  (images from fuelbelt.com)

I know some people can’t stand having things in their hands when they run, but I much prefer these to a belt. I take the Sprint on all but my shortest runs, and the Slice goes on longer and/or hotter runs with me. They’re comfortable to wear and easy to drink out of; what more could you want?

Hairties: Goody Slide-Proof Elastics


These are the only hairties that keep this crazy red mane in place. They don’t slip out during any workout — running, lifting, plyos, whatever, that ponytail doesn’t budge.

Sunglasses: Maui Jim’s

estes (They’re on my face in this picture that I’ve used probably five times on this blog. I’m much too lazy to find and upload another photo.)

My parents won these glasses on a cruise and gave them to me. I love them (the glasses and my parents). No bouncing, no fogging, no pinching.

Watch: Garmin
 Forerunner 210

photo (7)I’ll admit that I don’t love this watch as much as I loved my 305. I miss being able to program in workouts, goal paces, etc. But this little guy is smaller and more comfortable, and he tracks my pace, mileage, and splits well. And he was way cheaper than the fancier Garmin options.

Treadmill: Sole F80


This is my best friend when it’s dark, lightning-ing, or icy out. I’ve had it a little over a year and haven’t had any troubles. It’s not the fanciest treadmill out there, but it does what I need (speeds and inclines, though no decline, and runs for a long time). We’re BFFs.

I bought it at Dick’s; they have terrific sales, so if you watch, you can get a great deal on a treadmill that’s normally out of your price range. (Sweet fan and ironing board not included.)

One piece of gear I haven’t found and will need soon: Gloves that actually keep my hands warm. Any recommendations?

 What’s one piece of fitness gear you can’t live without?

10 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Gear Edition”

  1. I used to love those hair ties, but I realized after a while that they took my thin hair with them every time they came out of my head. So now I just tie other ones really tight around my ponytail. Funny, I was just looking at treadmills that Dick’s has tonight when I was in a Dick’s store. Someday I will have enough space for one of them…

  2. That’s my favorite bra too! I wish I could use the pull over ones from Target that are $10 or whatever, but there is absolutely no support what-so-ever.

    Also, I need those hair ties! On my run the other day, I went to tighten my pony tail and the stupid hair tie broke. I hadn’t even gone a mile. Luckily, I always wear another one on my wrist for that kind of situation, but I was annoyed.

  3. I like seeing all the gear. Somehow I made it through a winter of outdoor running in Wisconsin with those cheapy knit gloves. On the super cold days I would double up but it did the job. I really need to upgrade some of my running gear… especially those gloves!

  4. I lam digging your wild orange Mizuno kicks!!
    Okay I can’t just choose one to run without so, my Garmin watch, Mizuno Wave Riders & iFitness belt.
    I always like to see others runners gear. Great post friend!

  5. I used to run in those Mizunos until I somehow stopped pronating and had to buy a neutral shoe (not on purpose…I’m not that good). BUT – I LOVE the color and they were my favorite shoe of all time. These Brooks I have suck and I can’t wait to get new ones.

    I think my favorite pieces of gear are great sun glasses and my Garmin. What did people do before GPS watches?

    Great post, love!

  6. I love those hairties!! They are the only ones I use now!

    I am equally in love with my Garmin. I also really like my hydration pack, mostly because I am too much of a wuss to carry my water in my hand and the waist belts make my tummy hurt.

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