Another Random Thursday Post

I’m not sure what it is about Thursdays that makes me want to write these completely random posts. Perhaps it’s that I should be grading the massive stack of sophomore essays in my bag, but my grumpy and tired brain just can’t do them justice right now. It can’t formulate paragraphs, either, so you get another random list of things that run through my head but aren’t substantial enough for their own posts.

  1. Marathon training makes me a ravenous beast. I’m hungry 90% of the time. Confession: Every morning, when I go to put my lunch in the teacher’s lounge fridge, I go in hoping that there will be treats in the lounge.

    There are never treats.

  2. I hate goat cheese. I just feel like that’s something the blog world should know about me. I keep reading all these posts — “Goat cheese on my pizza!” “Goat cheese in my salad!” “Goat cheese in my oatmeal!” — and I want to gag. (Just kidding on that last one. I hope). I think goat cheese tastes like a goat smells: awful. And I do not want that in my mouth.
  3. I am not ready for winter. I am ready for one good, hard freeze so all these idiot flies will die. I’ve been patrolling my classroom with a flyswatter all day, every day. They’re disgusting. Die, tiny winged monsters, die.
    (image source)
  4. I said something about an ottoman during my journalism class yesterday. Four kids didn’t know what an ottoman was. FOUR. These are high schoolers. Whom I handpicked for journalism because they’re the best and brightest. So we had an impromptu nonjournalism vocabulary lesson.
  5. This girl always raves about Songza. I finally downloaded it. Holy good music. Best music app ever. Download it. Now.
  6. I read this article from Women’s Health the other day. It says that “interruptions at the office can make you feel exhausted.” Oh. THAT’S why I’m so dang tired at the end of every day. My job is pretty much nothing BUT interruptions. (I’m not complaining. I love my job. I just thought that was interesting.)
  7. This popped up in my e-mail yesterday. I can’t go, but I thought I’d pass it along so those of you who are closer to Boulder can score some deals on running duds.
    Our Pop Up Store on Pearl is Coming to a Close

Aaand I’m out. I hope you enjoyed the randomness!

Tell me something random, too!

Any fun plans for the weekend?

10 thoughts on “Another Random Thursday Post”

  1. Woot! Thanks for the info about the Boulder store, although all I need right now is more running gear. We were going to head to the mountains to camp this weekend, but may hold off for another week. The aspens are late changing colors this year and we don’t want to get there too early to see the prettiness 🙂

  2. You should come work at my school (although it’s not high school). There are ALWAYS treats in the teacher’s lounge. So many treats that the administrator started a sign up sheet because there were too many at one time…

  3. Songza. Best. App. EVER! Thanks for telling me about it!

    Randomness…. I always mark in the book I am reading what point is half way with a sticky note.

  4. I just did a happy dance because we both hate goat cheese. I say goat cheese tastes like a petting zoo smells….you really made me laugh out loud. HATE HATE HATE IT! Love all other cheese except that nasty stuff!

    No one brings me treats either 😦

    Happy Weekend!

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