October Target Practice, or September’s Over Already?!

Okay, I know that tomorrow is still September, too, but chances of my finding time to blog tomorrow are about equal to the chances of Northern Colorado actually becoming the 51st state. So tonight, I’m looking back at my September goals and setting some up for October.

Target Practice
(As always, credit for the idea of target practice goes to Fit.Fun.Femme.)

September’s goals were:


 1. Stay on top of grading and planning. Nothing is worse than getting behind and feeling like you’ll never catch up.  I’ve done pretty well with this one; I’ve not been more than a week behind on grades, and planning is pretty much a necessity for my sanity, so all is well here. Grade: A.

2. Make dates with friends. I tend to let my relationships slide during the school year, and I don’t want to let that happen this year. Errr…whoops. Dear Cassie: Stop sucking at being a friend. Sarah and I went to a book sale and lunch once. And we had a few people over for dinner…I think that was in September? Grade: F.


1. Take more photos. Note the number of photos in this post. Yeah…still not great about that. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve taken more pictures…they just rarely fit in what I write by the time I actually write a post.  Grade: D-.

2. Get on a regular blogging schedule, posting at least three times a week. Well, I don’t know about regular as in same days every week, but I have posted three times a week most weeks. I think. Grade: B.


Sleep enough. Eat well. Take vitamins and drink Airborne. Sanitize my hands, desk, doorknob, etc. In other words, DON”T GET SICK! Unless I wake up sick tomorrow (knock on wood), it’s safe to say I conquered those nasty germs. Phew. Grade: A.

An now, on to October goals:


I’d like to re-make the friend date goal, but since October is an insanely busy month, I’m going to loosen the parameters and say that those dates can be phone dates, too.  I need some of those, anyway.


1. Take more photos and better, relevant photos.

2. Post at least twice a week. (The next two weeks are nutso … Homecoming is next week, so this week is full of prep stuff and next week of Homecoming stuff. My computer and I aren’t going to be seeing much of each other, so even twice a week for the next two will be a challenge. Please don’t forget about me!)


1. Keep up the successful germ-avoidance.

2. Try some new, healthy recipes.

Fitness: My marathon is October 20, so I’m splitting the month into (uneven) thirds: taper smart, race well, and recover smart, too. I wrapped up my last peak week (70 miles) today with one of the hardest workouts of training (22 with 12 at goal pace). Now it’s time to taper, then race, and then eat Halloween candy take good care of myself to recover.


Did September fly by for you, too?

Any advice about meeting these goals?

What’s something you want to accomplish in October?

9 thoughts on “October Target Practice, or September’s Over Already?!”

  1. I think you might be a little hard on yourself, but admire the honesty. We are harder on ourselves than others are. I am speaking from experience because it is 6:09 am and I just finished my self evaluation that is due today. Way to slack Sarah!

    September did fly by but I am glad because that means we are one day closer to my students settling into procedures and routines!

    I have lots of goals and will share them with you later….maybe on a phone date? Or even chips and salsa at Fajitas?

  2. I don’t even think September really happened. I think we skipped it. I’m really bad at letting my social life slide…I know a lot of people need to say “no” to people because they are so busy, but I just really need to say “yes” more and make it work.

    I’ve been thinking about some blog goals going forward, hopefully I’ll have those figured out soon!

  3. 70 miles…in one week. You. Are. A. Rockstar. Wow. I don’t know how you have time for anything else! Enjoy the taper! Good luck with your October Targets!

  4. thank goodness its october!! september was not my month, but yes i agree it did fly by! and you are a tough grader on yourself!! like, you ran 70 miles last week!! um, if i ran 70 miles last week, it would be pretty much guaranteed i did NOTHING else, and i would be pretty psyched with myself anyways 🙂 70 miles!!! thats- omg you’re amazing!! and as for photos- dont worry about making them relevant- they’re usually better when they’re not anyways 🙂

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