Bye-Bye, Weekend; Hello, Target Practice

Man, weekends just go faster every week, don’t they? This one seemed especially short because the National Honor Society (which I sponsor) had a fundraiser Friday and Saturday nights, so I didn’t get to spend my weekend nights partying like usual. And by partying, I mean doing this:

photo (20)

I’m so cool, with my adventurous weekends and polar bear pajamas.

Sundays are also really exciting days around here, as they include such adventures as cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and meal prep for the week. Part of preparing for the upcoming week is setting some mini-goals, which I do by joining in with Fit.Fun.Femme.’s Target Practice series.

Target Practice

Last week’s goals were:

Life: Support my students through a tough week. This week was emotional, to make a huge understatement, especially for my freshmen. I did my best to support, listen, and be flexible with them.

Health: I accidentally lied last week and said it was the last week of the Whole30. This coming Tuesday is actually day 30. But my goal was to stay on track, and I did. This week was actually the hardest so far; I think the emotional-ness of the week made me crave comfort foods more than I expected.

Fitness: My goal was to make an appointment with a personal trainer. I did, and met with her this afternoon. It was well worth it; I learned a lot. Here’s how the rest of the week fitness-wise went:
Monday: Off from running since I ran seven days in a row last week. I did go to Muscle Works class. (Side note for locals: The Body Firm is doing a holiday contest for attending classes. The prizes are cool — gift cards and such — and some of them are drawings. So you might win even if you’re like me and only do one class a week. Just FYI).
Tuesday: 7.3 miles easy
Wednesday: 5 miles with 4 at tempo, really quick bodyweight strength workout
Thursday: 5 miles easy
Friday: Off. I fully intended to get up and run, but when that alarm went off, my body said “NO. FREAKING. WAY.” I can’t even remember the last time I skipped a planned workout, but I felt like I really needed the sleep this time. I don’t regret it.
Saturday: 7 miles of treadmill hills.
Sunday: 4 miles easy. 60 minutes strength with the trainer.

Have you noticed the lack of double-digit runs lately? I just haven’t been feeling them since the marathon a month ago, and I’m okay with it. I don’t have any races on the calendar right now, and when I do pick some, they’ll be 10k or so, so I’m not worried about it. I’ll run longer when I feel like it again.

And now, for this week’s goals:

Life: Get through this pile of grading:
photo (21)I’m fun.

Health: So, back to the Whole30: Although my skin is clearing up somewhat, my guts are still giving me troubles. I’ve read all around the Whole30 website, and I think I need to keep eliminating until I find the problem, then reintroduce things. So this week, I’m saying goodbye to nuts. I’m not pleased about it, but if it makes me feel better, it’ll be worth it.

Fitness: Run 6 times, lift three times. Keepin’ it simple this week.

Have a great weekend, friends!

What did you do this weekend?

Ever worked with a personal trainer? 

7 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, Weekend; Hello, Target Practice”

  1. I think (actually I KNOW) it is great that your body is telling you (and you are listening) to lay off those double digit runs! I did 10.25 last weekend and it seemed pretty easy, but this weekend I just did not want to do it again. So I did not. And that is OK. Good for you for keeping with the Whole30 plan. I have been trying not to eat carbs at work (to keep up my energy levels) and I feel much, much better. I may have to look into some sort of elimination to see if it is all carbs or what specific foods work best for me. It is so hard to do this when living and cooking with someone else, though. One day, one day…

  2. Thanks for being so good to our kids; it means the world to me that you care about them and are sensitive to what they are going through! On a less serious note– It looks like you party the way I party! 🙂

  3. I had a personal trainer for a few months when I first started to get into working out. It helped so much as far as showing me proper form and teaching me how to tell when to push through pain and when my body has had enough. I highly recommend working with a trainer every once in a while to kick start a fitness routine 🙂

  4. Your weekend parties look exactly like my weekend parties. We will get along just fine. I can’t even remember the last time I allowed myself to skip a planned workout. That is great willpower to stay in bed! Your body was probably so happy!

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