20 Things I’m Grateful For (Hashtag Elf4Health)

Although I’ve been probably the worst “elf” in the Elf For Health challenge, I’m still signed up. I keep failing at the challenges (except the easiest ones), but I’m trying to get back into it this week. And I’m already falling behind, because this was yesterday’s challenge, but my computer kept freezing last night, so I gave up.

The challenge was to make a list of 20 things for which I’m grateful. Some are silly and some more serious, but I’m legitimately thankful for all these things.

1. My husband.

aarghI know I brag him up in every thankful-type post, but seriously, the man is incredible. He never ceases to support me, make me laugh, and make me feel loved, cherished, and beautiful. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

2. My mom.

Apparently I don't have a single picture of just my mom, so here's one of her and my dad from their vacation to Alaska. They're cool like that.
Apparently I don’t have a single picture of just my mom, so here’s one of her and my dad from their vacation to Alaska. They’re cool like that.

My mom has always encouraged me to be the best person I can be… both through her words and her own example. She always puts her family first, and always lets us know how much we are loved.

3. My dad.

(See picture above.)

So many girls and women my age grew up without dads, or with dads whom they saw only occasionally, or with dads who were just bad examples. I am blessed to have a father who was not only always there to support me, but also gave me an example of what a husband and father should be.

4. My brother.

Picture2 011Because I couldn’t leave him out. No, just kidding. I am very thankful for my big bro. He was my first friend and is still one of my best. And I’m thankful for his girlfriend, Shannon, for putting up with him. 🙂

5. Old friends (as in I’ve had them a long time, not as in they’re old).

all of usThese are my college roommates and the best friends I could ever wish for. Even though we’re spread out now and don’t see each other nearly often enough, we always pick back up right where we left off, and I know I can always count on them.

6. New(er) friends 

This lovely backlit picture is from the ugly sweater party we hosted Saturday night.
This lovely backlit picture is from the ugly sweater party we hosted Saturday night.

Making friends in high school was easy: we had all known each other forever. Making friends in college was easy: you met in a class or a lab, studied once, went to a party together, and were BFFs. Making friends after college is hard, and it took me a while. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve finally made here — they were worth the wait.

7. Internet friends.

Because I’ve virtually met some pretty cool people through this blogging thing.

8. My in-laws

(All the good group pictures of J’s family are on his computer, which is even slower than mine. Sorry.)

I’ve heard a LOT of women complain about their in-laws, which makes me feel even more lucky to have the ones I do. I basically won the in-law lottery: they’re nice, supportive, and accepting. Win.

9. My education.

Every day, I grow more thankful that I have a good education. From my elementary and secondary, to my bachelor’s degree, to my Master’s, each education experience was valuable in so many different ways.

10. My job.

Not only is it a steady (if not large) paycheck that keeps us warm, fed, and having a little fun, but I actually love it most days.

11. My colleagues. 

Every job is better if you share it with people you enjoy. I work with some of the best folks around.

12. Books.


13. My treadmill. 

millI’m especially thankful for this little dude when it’s below zero out and I don’t have to leave the house at no o’clock in the morning to work out. So, so nice.

14. Running. 



15. My gym.

Though I love my own treadmill, it’s nice to have a clean, friendly, comfortable place to do non-treadmilly things.

16. Christmas break. 


This will be me in a mere two weeks!

17. Mistakes.

Not to copy Cori’s post, but I’m thankful for many of the mistakes I’ve made, because I learned from them, and they made me into who I am now.

18. Coffee.

19. Chocolate.

Because yum.

20. Challenges.

The things that challenge us make us grow. I’m thankful for challenges at work, in life, and at the gym.
These are only 20 things I have to be grateful for; there are definitely many more. Yep, I live a pretty blessed life!

(Also, I’m not proofreading this because I’m too lazy. Don’t judge the typos.)

What’s one thing you are grateful for today?

Other Elf-For-Healthers: How are you doing?




4 thoughts on “20 Things I’m Grateful For (Hashtag Elf4Health)”

  1. Great post! Your parents are too cute! I am definitely grateful for my job. I really like what I do and am happy it gives me what I need to survive outside of work!

  2. I didn’t sign up for Elf 4 Health because, 1. I missed the deadline and 2. I knew I would be a terrible Elf. I do like this challenge though. I am going to think of 20 things for which I am thankful and post it. Mostly because it’s two weeks before Christmas break, which means 2 weeks before the end of the semester and I am burned out. This is a beautiful post!

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