(Non)Training Week in Review: 12/30/13-1/5/14

That’s the first time I’ve written “’14.” I didn’t even mess it up. Now wait until tomorrow…we’ll see if I get the right date written on my classroom whiteboard.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not training for any goal races right now. I do have a couple of short races on the calendar, though, beginning with the Loveland Sweetheart Classic 4-mile race on February 8. I’ve done this race before, and it’s a fun, well-organized little race. There’s also a couples division, which J and I will not be entering. 🙂
 This is how J runs.

I’m not expecting mind-blowing results at this race, but of course it would be nice to win an age group award. So, I’d probably better start doing some semblance of speedwork. More than happened this week, for sure. I did get in a lot of outdoor runs this week, though, since we were still on break. That was nice.

Here’s what I ran and lifted this week:

Monday: 7 miles easy and some core work.

Tuesday: An hourish of lifting and 5.3 easy miles. I keep running this distance somehow, even though I change up routes. Weird.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy.

Thursday: An hour of lifting and five easy (very careful because of ice) miles. I thought it would be a good idea to layer up, run four miles, delayer, lift, relayer, and run the mile home from the gym. This was not a good idea. I was SO HOT at the gym and thus drenched with sweat (which got cold) on the way home. And I didn’t have a sweat towel because I ran there, so I awkwardly used paper towels. Bad choice.

Friday: 6 miles of treadmill hills (Greg McMillan’s Six-Sevens workout). Hills are speedwork in disguise, right? Also did some core work.

Saturday: Rest. I hadn’t taken a rest day since mid-November, so it was time. Also, we were deep-cleaning the house and I was very tired when we were done.

Sunday: 10-mile treadmill run. The temperature was 9-feels-like-minus-15, and there was snow and ice everywhere. No thanks. I chose the treadmill and watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Have you seen this show? I didn’t even know it existed until Hulu started playing it one day after my other show was over. And now I’m hooked.

Totals: 39.3 miles running, 2 hours lifting.

So, there’s my training(ish) week in a nutshell.

How was your weekend?

Any good shows I should watch while treadmilling?

12 thoughts on “(Non)Training Week in Review: 12/30/13-1/5/14”

  1. This is impressive and makes me wallow in what was going to be a 30+ mile week and kick off my CO marathon training that got sidelined by this stupid, miserable cold. I only got 12 miles in. Boo! But I would rather rest and NEVER, EVER have to deal with this illness ever again.

  2. Your workouts always impress me. Good luck on writing the date tomorrow. I am in the same boat. But I wrote 2010 a couple of weeks ago, so I obviously have date issues.

  3. Good job Cass! The only thing worse than using paper towels as a sweat towel would be facial tissues. I used them ONCE at the rec center, they were on the shelf right behind the treadmills, easy to grab, didn’t have to go to the restroom to grab something else. It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. Until I went into the ladies room after working out, tissues stuck all over in little bits on my sweaty face. I looked like a badly plucked chicken. Great. But, I haven’t forgotten my towel since! lol!

  4. I always mess up the new date in the classroom for at least 2 months. Ridiculous. And if you’re interested in a totally trashy show to keep you entertained on the treadmill, check out My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. So awesome and horrible at the same time.

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