Weekly Workouts and Scenes from the Weekend

Did you know there’s a football game on? If you didn’t, just hop over to Facebook. It will tell you. Look! I’m even watching!

photo 1Just kidding. I just turned it on to get an idea of how soon Jordan will be home. I will never be one of those cool chicks who actually cares about football. Sorry. (No, I’m not sorry. I am who I am.)

Know what I do care about? Running. So let’s talk about that. Specifically, my running and such this week. Here’s what went down:

Monday: I fully intended to go to the gym to lift and run. But then I drove past the gym on my way home from work, and I saw that the parking lot was overflowing. (What? On a Monday in January? Shocking.) I didn’t want to deal with people, frankly, so I did this bodyweight strength workout at home. I added 10 minutes of HIIT intervals on the treadmill between sets, for a total of 6 miles. It kicked my butt and I highly recommend this workout (with or without the treadmill stuff).

Tuesday: 5 miles easy plus core work.

Wednesday: AM: I was on a “steal other people’s workouts” kick this week, so I did this speed workout from The Lyons Share. But I ran an extra .5 miles because stopping with decimals on the treadmill bothers me. I know. I have issues. PM: 60 minutes of lifting. The gym is much quieter on Wednesdays than Mondays.

Thursday: 7.2 easy miles and core work. Obviously I did NOT want to run that last .2, but I wanted to see who Juan Pablo kicked off The Bachelor. And then I didn’t want to run another .8. Speaking of The Bachelor, I’m watching it on Hulu, which is posting episodes a week after they air, so I will perpetually be a week behind. Please don’t tell me anything that will spoil my trashy-television-watching pleasure.

Friday: An hour of lifting and 30 minutes on the spin bike. I’ve decided I like lifting on Friday nights, because there are about five people at the gym. It’s sweet. Except for when one of those five people creates himself a little circuit and for an hour hogs THE ONE LAST MACHINE that you need to finish your workout.

Saturday: 5.5 miles easy for Meg’s Miles, plus core work. Gotta love 8-minute abs.

Sunday: 8.2 miles. Yesterday and today were outside runs (because the weather is flipping gorgeous…I think Colorado feels bad about that sub-zero streak a few weeks ago), so the decimal points didn’t bother me. I’m weird.
photo 2Yeah, that says 61. I ran in shorts and short sleeves and was HOT. So weird.

Believe it or not, I actually took a couple of pictures this weekend of things that are not my sweatiness, feet, or watch.  First off, here’s why I needed it to be the weekend:

photo (28) photo (26) photo (27)Oh, students. I love them, but sometimes they make me crazy. 

I didn’t take any pictures of the best part of my weekend, which was lunch with one of my best friends. We were doing way too much talking to stop for a picture, so here’s an e-card that represents part of our conversation:

True story. Here are some more highlights of the weekend:

photo 4

“Just because” flowers from the husband are the best kind.

Again, no pictures, but I got to grocery shop at Target, since I met my friend near one. Score for no Wal-Mart this weekend.

photo 3

I’m making chicken stock from scratch right now. Here’s hoping it tastes a lot better than it looks…because it looks like green vomit with floating bones. You’re welcome for the picture.

And the very best part of the weekend? It’s not over! We’re off work tomorrow. I still have a lot of work things to do, but working from my couch is always nice.

How was your weekend? Do you have Monday off? 

9 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Scenes from the Weekend”

  1. So much weekend awesomeness here! Kids are silly. What grade do you teach? Love the just because flowers and the weather this weekend was to die for. Loving January in Colorado! I was a bit nervous there for a while, but it’s proving to be a great winter.

  2. I did not have today off and I was shocked at how empty downtown Denver was. Then I was running after work and thinking wow-there are a lot of people out here running after work, until I remembered it was a holiday for most people. I’m not bitter at all I had to work. Ha!

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