Training For A Quick 10k: Week 2

Hi friends! It’s Sunday night again somehow. Not sure how that happens so quickly every week.

Last week was crazy-busy, but this upcoming week is considerably slower. J and I were comparing calendars today and discovered that neither of us has any evening commitments this week. That’s unheard of during the school year, so we’re excited. (It’s the little things, right?)

Anywho, this was Week 2 of Fast 10k training. Here’s how it went down:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: AM: 6 miles with 4 ridiculously fast (for me) 400m repeats. It was the same workout as last week, but my treadmill cooperated this time.
PM: 50 minutes strength. Tuesday was cold and snowy, and after spending way too long shivering in a bus on icy roads (we took some kids to see Hamlet  in Denver) and then sliding around in my car, too, I was NOT leaving again to go to the gym. So I did this workout instead of the strength workout in my training plan. I do not regret it.

Wednesday: 8 miles easy; core work

Thursday: Half-mile repeats at slightly faster than 10k pace. 7 miles total with warm-up, cool-down, and recoveries. 15 minutes stretching.

Friday: My plan said to rest, and I really was going to (because rest days are not a waste of life). But I spent Thursday and Friday at a conference in Denver. I learned a lot, but I did more sitting those two days than I normally do in a month (that may be an exaggeration. But only a slight one). By the time I got home Friday evening, my legs felt like tubes of lead. I knew that if I didn’t move, I wouldn’t be able to sleep, and my race Saturday would suck, too. So I did a slow 4-miler and felt 87 times better.

Saturday: I ran a four-mile race in Loveland. I’ll have a recap up on Tuesday (hold me to that), so for now I’ll just say I enjoyed it. Here’s a picture.

This is my "seriously, honey, just take the picture" face.
This is my “seriously, honey, just take the picture” face.

With my warm-up run, Saturday’s total was 6 miles. I was also supposed to stretch and did not. Bad Cassie.

Sunday: 4-mile recovery run and 45 minutes of the strength workout I was actually supposed to do.

Totals: 35 miles, 1.5ish hours strength, 15 minutes stretching

And that, my friends, is that. I’m looking forward next week. My sleep and my eating were not the greatest last week because of all the being gone, so this slower week should be a good one for getting back on track. Starting with posting this and going to bed like the 90-year-old woman I secretly am.

What was your favorite workout last week?

Anybody else race this weekend? How’d it go?



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