Two More Weeks: 10k Training Week 6 Recap

Happy Daylight Savings, friends! Anybody else excited for an extra hour of evening daylight? The first few mornings of daylight savings are rough, but the evenings are glorious! I’m so excited to get more outdoor workouts in again. Of course, Wednesday will be my only outside evening this week, thanks to parent-teacher conferences, but the next weeks will be fantastic.

Anyway, let’s look back at this week’s training. I can’t believe I’ve been following this plan for six weeks already!

Monday: Ok, the schedule said “rest.” BUT I’d just taken Thursday and Friday as rest, thanks to the stomach flu, and then this happened:
photo 1
And I had time to run a little before dark. So I did. I ran four miles, and ran them super slowly, so really, it was just Sunday’s scheduled recovery run a day late. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Either way, I enjoyed the run in the sun, so it was worth it. I followed the run with some 8-minute abs to get my 1990’s fitness on.

AM: 4x800m intervals with 800m recoveries. The intervals were supposed to be at 5:00 pace, but I didn’t have it in me. Probably because I ran 10 Saturday, 8 of intervals Sunday, and then ran Monday. I never claimed to be smart. I averaged 5:15ish for the repeats. 7 miles total with warm-up and cool-down.
PM: 45 minutes strength.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy, plus core work

Thursday: Eight 0.5-mile repeats with 0.5-mile recoveries. I ran the repeats at 6:25ish pace, which is right about what the training plan said to do, so I felt better about Thursday’s workout than Tuesdays. 9 miles total, plus stretching.

Friday: 45 minutes strength. I’m not going to lie, folks: the first thing I’m doing after this 10k is bringing back the six-day running week. I miss it like nobody’s business. (Yes,  I realize that this was a six-day week, but that’s because I’m weak and couldn’t resist the weather on Monday.)

Saturday: 8-mile progression run. I went out to the only decent hills around here, which definitely helped my mile splits to progress appropriately. The first four miles were mostly uphill and into the wind. The last four were downhill with the wind at my back. I’m a dirty cheater, maybe, but I’m okay with it.
photo 2 (3) I finished my run and took this picture because my hair was doing crazy things in the wind. It was super fun to brush out later.

Sunday: 4-mile recovery run. The weather was stunning today — 65 degrees and no wind. I wanted to run for-ev-er, but I was NOT a rebel today. Feel free to praise me profusely. I also did some core work post-run. I can’t wait until we get our backyard done and I have grass in which to do my post-run stuff on nice days. It will be glorious.

Totals: 38 miles running, 15 minutes stretching (because I forgot to stretch on Saturday), 1.5 hours strength. Zero rest days, which is probably not great, but I’ll take a rest day this Tuesday. It’s scheduled for tomorrow, but with PT conferences, it works better for me to work out tomorrow and rest Tuesday.

How did your training week go? Anybody race?

Daylight Savings: Love it or hate it? 

WordPress just told me this is my 100th blog post. Just thought I’d throw that in here, because why not. 

12 thoughts on “Two More Weeks: 10k Training Week 6 Recap”

  1. Ok, how do you handle your progression runs? You inspired me the other weekend and I tried to do it off-treadmill and just couldn’t figure out my pacing. The slow build every mile kills me. I just have two speeds: slow and fast. How did you figure out all the paces in the middle?

    1. I still struggle with them… I always want to start too fast. I used to set up a progression workout on my Garmin, so it would yell at me every time I got out of the right pace zone for that mile. I don’t have to do that much anymore, but it taught me how to pace better.

  2. Wow, how do you move your feet so fast doing those repeats?!?!? Great job on your training! Glad you are better 🙂 I LOVE 8 minute abs!!!! When I do them in my blue tights, I feel like one of the ‘gang.’ 😉

  3. Those are some FAST repeats! I am hoping to work up to .5 mile repeats, but at the moment, when I do speed work, I only do 30 seconds on, 90 seconds off. I die every single time. I can’t even imagine doing it for a half of a mile at a time. Yay to great weather!!

  4. Saw a comment you made on another blog and HAD to come check you out, since I am also a rural running redhead 🙂 I am north of you in Montana. Redheads of the world unite! lol seriously though we are a rare breed!

    and I followed you on Instagram.

    Me I hate daylight savings, but I like to get up EARLY and I like it to be light out so I can run early, I like to go to bed early and I like it DARK when I go to bed at 830.

    Congrats on 100 posts!

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