Weekly Recap: 3/24-3/30

Hey friends! Welcome to another Sunday night. I hope you had a good weekend!

Can I just point out the tomorrow is already the end of MARCH?! Holy cow. I’m thrilled that it’s spring and warmer weather is coming, but man, that month went fast. We have less than two months of school left. That’s insane.

Anyway, on Thursday, I posted my general plan for the next few weeks of training. I want to start building mileage, but since the last two weeks were kind of mini-tapers, I decided that this week’s mileage should be the same as three weeks ago. I don’t think that sentence made any sense. Sorry. Pretend you don’t know that I’m a writing teacher.

Poor writing aside, the week went pretty well. And if soreness is an indication that my muscles are getting stronger, I will have some powerful glutes by the end of this thing. Holy DOMS,

Here’s how the week went:

Monday: 5.2 miles easy, 15 minutes core
Tuesday: AMEight sets of Greg McMillan’s 6/7s workout (one of my favorites, in a hurts-so-good kind of way) for a total of 7 miles
PM: 45ish minutes strength training
Wednesday: 6.1 miles easy, 10 minutes core
Thursday: AM: 2 x 15 minutes at an incline (I bumped the treadmill up or down every minute, staying between 5 and 11%) with 5 minutes of flat running between sets. WIth warm-up and cool-down, it was 6 miles. I decided for the first few weeks to do the long hill climbs in minutes rather than miles, because my ego gets sad seeing how slowly I have to run on inclines.
PM: 45ish minutes strength training
Friday: I knew we’d be busy Saturday, so I moved my “long run” to Friday. 9 chilly, windy miles. Next week, I’ll be back in double-digits and I’m so excited.
Saturday: 5 recovery miles, then 8-Minute Abs with my blue-tights friend and the gang.
Sunday: Rest. There was no yoga. But I took a walk, so that’s…something.

Total: 38.3 miles. Next week should be back in the 40s, and I’ll start feeling more like myself again.

Other news from the week:

  • Standardized testing is horribly boring, at least for the proctors. But the good news is that on Friday, kids didn’t have to come to school except for make-up tests. I had to administer one of those, but the rest of my day was free, which meant I got a ton done and could leave at 3:30. That was pretty stellar.
  • Yesterday, we went to the 9 News Health Fair. J got the blood tests, but I didn’t, as I generally try to avoid being stabbed with needles. While we were there, we both signed up to be on the national bone marrow donor registry. Did you know that they don’t have to actually get marrow from donors anymore? They can do it all from blood. So for minimal pain and a few hours of time, you can save someone’s life. That’s awesome.
  • Also yesterday, I spent the Runner’s Roost gift certificate that I won in the Loveland Sweetheart Classic. I was really tempted to buy a Brooks jacket that I fell in love with, but even on sale, it was $50 and my gift certificate was only $25. So I did the responsible thing and put the gift certificate toward shoes, since I actually needed shoes. Being a grown-up is lame. But I like the new colors Mizuno has this year.
  • After this week, we’ll have spring break…. which is kind of crazy, because we get out for the summer in the middle of May. But hey, it’s spring break.

That’s about enough rambling for tonight, methinks. Have a great week!

Have you ever donated an organ/fluid besides blood?

Other teachers/students: When is/was your spring break? Any fun plans?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: 3/24-3/30”

  1. Ooooh. I like the new Mizunos! I loaded up stock on all the on-sale Wave Rider 16s this winter and have not even tempted myself with the colors of the 17s. I have a running shoe problem. Glad your week went well and that you survived standardized testing!

  2. IT is tough being a grownup sometimes, but new shoes are always fun too. and pretty colors make them even funner! Great week, my kids don’t get a spring break. They don’t know the difference yet, but I am sure at some point they will think it a great injustice

  3. Welllll our spring break is non existent now due to all the snow days we had this year! We do have good Friday off, then I took a personal day off the Monday after Easter so I can run Boston.

  4. Those shoes are really cute! I also did 8-minute abs this week with Blue Tights and his gang. I think the real ab work comes from laughing so hard at him. He never stops being hilarious.

  5. I’m currently experience some DOMS. Grrr! Hope your legs feel better soon 🙂
    In our area, our schools get out in June so we have “winter break” in Feb. and a “spring break” in April. Pretty sweet 🙂

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