Spring Things I’m Looking Forward To

Yes, I know that title ends with a preposition, but “Spring Things to Which I’m Looking Forward” sounded pretty awkward. I think that preposition rule is a dumb one, anyway.

Oh, wait, this is supposed to be a running blog, not a grammar blog. My bad.

Today is April 1 (duh). I know the first day of spring was a couple of weeks ago, but April is when I really start getting spring fever. I’ve been thinking about the things I want to do as the weather warms up, including:

  • Run first thing in the morning without bundling up. I like to do my long runs first thing Saturday morning, but in the winter, I do them midday, when it’s warmest. Unless, of course, we have mid-day plans, in which case I have to put on 87 layers, even though it will be 50 later in the day.

    Ear warmer and turtleneck, be gone!
    Ear warmer and turtleneck, be gone!
  • Getting our yard started.  We bought our house two years ago, and the backyard is still empty…aside from millions of goathead thistles. My brother (a landscape architect) is working on a design for us, so we’re getting started this spring. I can’t wait!
  • Stretching/doing abs/lying down post-run in that new grass. Yeah. That’ll be nice. And we’re doing sod, so it won’t even take that long to be lie-on-able once it’s installed.
  • Planting flower pots in addition to the yard stuff. I absolutely love planting and taking care of my flowers in the summer. Every year, I end up having to buy more pots because I bought too many bedding plants. I have a problem.
    Picture2 269
  • Having class outside. In school, I was always that annoying kid who asked if we could have class outside every time it was nice out. Now I’m the teacher. If I want class outside, we have class outside.
  • The start of the farmer’s market. Last year was the first year our little town had a farmer’s market. It was small, but it was great to be able to buy local produce from local people.
  • Evening walks/bike rides with the hubster. Those are some of our favorite things in summer.
  • Crossing a few things off my “30 Before 30” listlike running Red Rocks and visiting Pawnee Buttes.
  • Going to the mountains. Because I love them long time, and I don’t ski or snowboard, so winter is mountainless for me (except for driving over them at Christmas…the one time I don’t love them so much).
    More fun when not snowy.
    More fun when not snowy.

    Clearly there is a lot to look forward to in the coming months, and more, I’m sure, that I didn’t think to post. Bring on warmer weather! (After Thursday’s predicted snow. Please.)

What spring things are you most excited about?

16 thoughts on “Spring Things I’m Looking Forward To”

  1. I want the wind to be done! When we moved from Boulder to Denver, we thought we were escaping the wind b/c Boulder gets 50 mph gusts. I think the gusts are less here, but the wind is more consistent. Maybe its living by the lake, too. I don’t know for sure, but I do know I am over teh wind. Tempo runs are next to impossible!

  2. I’m looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather -this winter has done me in and seems to still be hanging around!!! I’m ready to wear my skirts and dresses and put away all the winter clothes!!

  3. I’m with you on the bike rides and evening walks with the husband. As the days get longer, I get happier. I look forward to happy hours out on the patio and BBQing outside the music playing and patio lights glowing. Plus, spring can only mean one thing…summer is next!

  4. I am so looking forward to early morning runs! When the sun is warm, there is a slight breeze and the whole world is sleeping! I love those kind of runs! Every April the spring bug bites me and all I want to do is clean the apartment from top to bottom. I started the other day with some window sills – hopefully I can do the bathroom and kitchen this weekend. The worst rooms in my opinion!

  5. All the layers, for sure. In general just being able to run trails because it’s light enough after work (and eventually it will be light enough before work – darn daylight saving!).

    Although I’ll admit that Fall and Summer are my favorite Colorado seasons, Summer could fall off of the DC calendar and I’d be okay with it. Heat + humidity = deeaattthhhhh of me. I went on a run yesterday and it was only 65 (aka, not summer weather) and I already felt like I was struggling, ha.

    BUT in DC we do get the Cherry Blossoms in the Spring (next week is Peak Bloom), which is gorgeous! So I always look forward to that!

  6. Great list! Spring is already here in Texas. It was warm when I ran today, but I know it will get even warmer sooner so I’m enjoying the mildly warm weather we’re having. After my run, I enjoyed a cold smoothie on my back porch.

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