Recap of Another Busy Week: 4/28-5/4

Oh, hey blog. Guess I haven’t been around here since this time last week, have I? Whoops. And it’s looking like this might be par for the course for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll try really hard to make it back more often so that I still have readers to read the guest posts I’ve got scheduled for while we’re on vacation.

I’m sure run-on sentences like that one will really help the reader situation, too.

Anyway, this was another busy week, as most are during the last month of school. And the word of the week was “windy” — we had four straight days of 50 mph winds. It was not my favorite. But I finally hit 50 miles and got in all my scheduled Nike Training Club workouts, so the week wasn’t a total bust.

Here’s how it went:

Monday: AM: 30 minute NTC total-body workout
PM: I had grand plans to run outside… but then this happened:
photo 3
Yeah, no. Treadmill it was for 7 miles of intervals/fartleks/whatever you want to call it (isn’t it fartleks if you go by minutes instead of miles for the fast part?)

Tuesday: AM: 8 miles easy
PM: 45 minutes NTC yoga after another round of unsuccessful interviews.

Wednesday: AM: 5 miles of intervals/fartleks/whatevers plus 45 minute NTC full body workout. We had an evening event, so I had to get up extra-early and squish the workouts together.

Thursday: AM: 30 minutes NTC leg and core workout
PM: The weather gods had finally spent their wrath, apparently, and we were back to our normal-for-springtime 20-30 mph winds AND we had no evening commitments, so I ran 8.2 lovely outdoor miles.

Friday: 7.1 easy miles outside, then some core work. I took my sweet time about it, since J was supervising a middle school dance (poor soul) and I didn’t have any reason to rush.

Saturday: Normally, I run long on Saturdays and take Sundays off, but for the next few weeks, I think Sunday’s going to have to be the LR day. I just did a 45-minute NTC total-body workout, and then spent the rest of the day doing this:
photo 2 (2)I love flowers. I spend way too much money on them every year, and buy way too many and end up buying more pots and/or cramming them too full, but I love it.

Sunday: 15-mile long run. It feels good to run first thing in the morning in a skirt and t-shirt. It also feels good to be getting my long runs built back up. And I saw some baby geese, but I had my phone in a ziplock (to protect it from my nasty sweat) in my pocket and didn’t want to dig it out. They basically looked like this:

Totals: 50 miles, 3.25ish hours strength/XT, 7ish hours flower planting

And that’s a wrap. I’m hoping to hold mileage between 50-55 for the next couple of weeks, then officially start marathon training after vacation. I mean, I’ll run on vacation (because who goes on a beach vacation and doesn’t run on the beach?) but I don’t want to be tethered to a training schedule there.

And in case you were wondering, here’s why I need a vacation:

photo 1 (1)

Ok, good night, friends.

What’s going on in your world? My blog reading and commenting has been just slightly more frequent than my posting, so let me know if I’ve missed something!

Do you follow  a training schedule on vacation, or just go with the flow?

And one more question… I’m thinking about writing a “what not to do in the teaching job interview” post, because I’ve learned a lot from being on this side of things. I know I’ve got several readers who are teachers… would you be interested in such a post, even though it doesn’t really fit the “genre” of this blog?

8 thoughts on “Recap of Another Busy Week: 4/28-5/4”

  1. I LOVE BABY GOSLINGS! They are seriously the cutest things 🙂 And, flowers make me happy, too. Way to go on your training! I go with the flow with running on vacation.

  2. Nice work hitting 50 miles! That is a very elusive goal for me.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE (do you feel the love?) to hear your take on what not to do in a job interview. One of theme should definitely be: don’t drop every educational buzzword known to man. When I interviewed people, I had one person who did just that. Ummm…no.

  3. Baby anything is always adorable, except maybe baby spiders and other gross bugs. I need to get some more flowers! I don’t think I have ever had over a 50 mile week, great job!

  4. I’m with Brooke, what not to do in an interview would be amazing! Especially since I’ve begun the application process and have never had to interview EVER.

    You are amazing.

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