I’ve seen these “Currently…” posts on so many blogs lately, and I always enjoy reading them, so I decided to join the party. Here are my current things….

Books: I just finished Jodi Piccoult’s Handle With Care, which was very good. Now I’m reading The English Patient, but I can’t really get into it. It’s never a good sign when I take a book home over the weekend and don’t even open it. I also need to download some books onto my nook for vacation … recommendations?

Food: Now that it’s warming up a bit, I’ve been craving salads like crazy. I’ve also been loving the in-season strawberries (not in season here, of course, but still more delicious than any other time of year).

Drinks: Green tea — hot, usually, because even when it’s 70 degrees out, it’s approximately -25 in my classroom. I also made some iced green tea with lemon and mint this weekend…mmmm.

Music: I’m loving the vacation-eqsue tunes right now, for obvious reasons. Aside from the obvious Jimmy Buffet, I’m playing this one on repeat:
TV: I don’t really watch much TV, but since I’ve had a lot of early-morning treadmill runs lately, I’ve been catching up on the final season of Psych. I will miss this show.

Needs/Wants: None of these are really needs… it’s not like I’ll die without them … but they’re things I want before vacation. The biggest need is a bathing suit. I’ve had all of mine since before J and I were married, and a few too many lake dips have them lake-water-colored, and they’re kinda falling apart. I also need sandals, shorts… and a LOT of SPF 50 (that one really is a need).

Guilty pleasure:
Walking around the zoo yesterday with a group of kids instead of going to work and teaching all day.

This is a clouded leopard cub... a.k.a. the cutest creature ever.
This is a clouded leopard cub… a.k.a. the cutest creature ever.
Bane of my existence: Seniors. Particularly the ones whose final paper (20% of their final grade) is due Friday… and who haven’t started said paper.
Indulgence: I’m trying to carefully avoid many indulgences until vacation (because I plan to indulge a lot while there), but dark chocolate is still my go-to treat.
Blessing: So many! I’ll pick this one: Last week, I got an e-mail from a former student thanking me for teaching her in high school. Little things like that make me feel so blessed.
Slang: “Spendy” has been making a frequent appearance…maybe because I’m looking at all those vacation needs/wants and they do not fit within my miniature budget.
Excitement: Oh, you haven’t caught on yet? We’re going on vacation.
Mood: A little stressed, but pretty happy, because all those stressors are pretty good things. The end of the year is so busy, but it’s so fun to see students growing up, improving, and moving on to great things.
Link:  This article about how top-tier schools don’t make for happier or more successful lives. Good food for thought as I watch a new group of kids graduate and other move up into that senior slot and start thinking about their futures.
What are some of your current things?

12 thoughts on “Currently…”

  1. I don’t know if I have heard his new song.
    My currents, I am in love with Eric Church’s new song Hometown, I am loving the sunshine and running finally is going good!

    Have fun on vacation!

  2. Why is it that classrooms are always -25 degrees? It doesn’t matter where you are! My classroom I was in for 6 years was always that cold. I had to wear scarves and gloves. Then my second placement classroom was like an igloo. Finally, my third placement classroom was warm all of the time, but I’ve been moved for the final six weeks (for really good reasons) and now my classroom is FREEZING all day.

  3. Vacation is right around the corner! Woo Hoo! You must be filled with anticipation. Yeah, bathing suits are not always the easiest to shop for. Every year I buy one or two and wear them a few times before I am ready for something new. Good luck on your search. It’s amazing how “spendy” a vacation can be when you consider everything that goes into it. But, it’s well deserved!

  4. Iced Green tea with lemon and mint sounds amazing! A juice bar just opened next to my office and I spend way too much $$ there. It is a problem. I need to make my own refreshing drinks.

  5. Laughed out loud at your Ginger Sunscreen picture. Same with Irish! We still have 4 weeks to go over here and the kids are D-O-N-E!

    Have you read “Me Before You” or “Gone Girl” yet? I loved both of those books. And “Handle With Care” just sucked me right in! Piccoult seems to have a knack for that though.

    1. I haven’t read Me Before You… I’ll look into it! Gone Girl was good but the ending really ticked me off. Piccoult really sucks me in, too. I usually don’t read her during the school year because I don’t sleep enough if I do!

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