Another Week in the Books: 5/5- 5/11

I swear every week goes faster than the last. Seriously, this school year flew. My seniors were done on Friday, and everyone else finishes this Friday. People keep asking me if I’m super glad the year is almost over, and honestly, I’m not. It doesn’t seem like it should be over yet.

But alas, it is, and last week was another busy one, but not a bad one training-wise.

Monday: No running, since I ran long Sunday. I did a 30-minute Nike workout and tacked on some quality time with my 8-minute abs friend and the gang. I also did a lot of walking, as I took the National Honor Society to the Food Bank of the Rockies and the Denver Zoo. Fitbit said I got all 10,000 steps by 2:00.

Does this happy elephant not make you happy, too?
Does this happy elephant not make you happy, too?

It was such a fun day — that’s the easiest group of kids to take on a field trip, and we had gorgeous weather. I was also amused at the food bank when the guy giving us instructions told my kids that boxed mashed potatoes went in the “Grains/Cereals” bin. Convincing a bunch of farm kids that potatoes are grains was harder than he anticipated.

Tuesday: 7 miles fartleks. Maybe I will introduce more formal speedwork this week, but right now, I really like fartleks…especially on early morning treadmill runs, because they keep me entertained.
Nike Training Club told me to do a yoga workout, too, but between history teacher interviews and academic awards night, there was no time. By the time I got home at 8:00, dinner trumped yoga on my priorities list.

Wednesday: AM: 45-minute NTC full-body workout
PM: 7 miles easy.

Thursday: AM: 10 miles easy. I intended to do the last half outside, as it’s finally get light earlier, but it was raining (weird), and I didn’t want to get off the treadmill and change clothes since I was already pressed for time. So 10 treadmill miles it was.
PM: Because I hate the environment, I drove home, did a 30-minute NTC shoulder and leg workout plus an extra 15 minutes of core, then drove back to work for an evening meeting. Sorry, ozone.

Friday: 8 miles of fartleks plus a 10-minute core workout.

Saturday: 5 easy miles followed by a 45-minute NTC full body workout. Yesterday was beautiful, and I should have done my long run then. But instead, I went vacation shopping. Swimsuit shopping is traumatic.

I tried on about 5 billion suits. Jordan tried on three, then bought one because “it’s red.” Men suck. 🙂 BUT I found one, too, so now vacation can commence… in almost two weeks. Also, I think I am not a girl at all. We finished clothes shopping, and I turned to J and said, “Now we can go to Barnes and Noble and shop for fun stuff!” I am a nerd.

Sunday: 14 miserable, cold miles. True to its usual form, Colorado went from warm and sunny yesterday morning to cold, windy, and rainy/snowy this morning. Some runners love to run in the rain. I am not one of them — especially since I don’t own rain gear (it almost never rains for long periods of time here. This week was unique). This was definitely a “suck it up and get it done” run… and actually I had planned to run 16, but I promised myself that if I hit 13 and was miserable, I could stop. So I was okay with 14.

Totals: 51 miles running, 2.5ish hours cross training

I don’t know yet what this week will look like mileage-wise, but I want to get in a solid long run next weekend, at least. I should also probably get a training plan made up, since I’ll start a 15-week plan the week after vacation.

Have a great week, friends! Summer is coming!

How was your week/weekend?

Favorite/least favorite things to shop for?

Do you like running in the rain? Any advice for me for those times that I have to do it?


11 thoughts on “Another Week in the Books: 5/5- 5/11”

  1. I totally share your opinion on shopping! Congrats on an awesome week! I am sure your zoo walking must have been plentiful. I had a friend in town this weekend and we had to go to the Nature and Science museum today instead of the zoo (or a hike) because it was SNOWING! Seriously. Glad you had a good day!

  2. Great week, and good that you listened to your body on Monday. Sometimes we need to do that! I have a lot of runs in the rains, and to me, it all depends on the temperature! I really do not mind it if it is warm! Unfortunately when it is cold, you are right, it is a suck it up and get it done thing! I have had many of those….including that 20 miler a few weeks ago!!!!

    I try to remind myself that this will only make me stronger, and I will appreciate the good weather more this way. Hope that helps!

  3. I hate shopping for suits. The lighting is so bad and since I have a tiny chest but an ample booty, it is hard to find a suit that fits! Surprisingly, I usually have luck at Old Navy. (Which is weird because actual Old Navy clothes NEVER fit me right.) The only way I don’t mind the rain is if it is warm out so that I’m not cold. But it is still annoying!

  4. Swimsuit shopping sucks, It seems like all the suits are made for people who are not built like me. I would rather go to Barnes and Noble too.

    Running in the rain is okay if it isn’t too cold out and it isn’t raining too hard. I don’t like to be cold and wet.

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