What Brings You Here?

I always get a huge kick out of reading posts about the random search terms that bring readers to blogs, so I decided to play that game, too. Here are some searches that have brought people here to Rural Running Redhead:

  • “Hot girl who works at body firm in fort morgan.” I would really like to know which teenage boy at my gym searched this, and which of the cute girls who work there he was searching for. Then I’d know if he ever got up the nerve to talk to her instead of Googling her.
  • “What does ‘i’ll roll you some’ mean with weed.” Well, I’m no weed expert, but I’m guessing it means the speaker will roll you some weed. I do not condone that, FYI, even if it is legal in Colorado (but probably not for you, because you’re probably 12).

    My favorite quote from Governor Hickenlooper
  • “Random things to say on Christmas.” If you think through them enough to Google them, they’re probably not random.
  • “Redhead shrine.” Are you building one? Yes, feel free to worship me.
  • “If I run entirely downhill, is it a workout?” Ask your quads the next day. They will say “YES!”
  • “Paleo diet didn’t work for me.” Me either.
  • “When will you approach me.” Never. Creep.
  • “Red head with fit body’s.” Next time, search for “How to use apostrophes.” Then maybe a redhead with a fit body won’t think you’re a moron.
  • “Can redheads run longer?” FYI, we are not a special species.
  • “Keep calm n keep your ego in our pocket.” Two things: “And,” not “n.” Those two extra letters take .000005 seconds to type. Also, why are we sharing a pocket?

What weird search terms have brought people to your blog?

How did you find me? If you’re the one building the shrine, I’d really rather not know.

11 thoughts on “What Brings You Here?”

  1. LOL…..those are hilarious! I actually did this exact same thing the other night and found one that was creepy, “New girl at work Heather.” Now of course I’m wondering who was googling me! I’ve had some that have brought up profane words as well, interesting..lol.

  2. The redhead keyword seems to be a popular one for your blog, for obvious reasons. 😉 The “can redheads run longer” search term is hilarious. My most recent term was “what to say when someone says see ya at the finish line”… clearly people can’t think for themselves, haha.

  3. This is so funny! I love your commentary better! I think I got something once that something along the lines of “guy running in women’s panties around the neighborhood.” NO IDEA why they ended up at my blog. I love that redheads are not a different species!

  4. Omg it sounds like there are are men out there who love them some redheads! I also enjoy how you correct the grammar of your stalkers. 🙂 I don’t remember what brought me to your blog.I just checked my searches and some funny ones are “Winona Ryder hated Harrisburg”, “I hate rest days” and “Physical therapy sucks”. I actually get A LOT of hits because of my one physical therapy posts and I actually about once every few months have a disgruntled physical therapist comment and tell me how stupid I am. But from their comments, you can tell they didn’t even read my post.

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