Flashbacks: Throwback Thursdays Edition

Happy Sunday, Internet friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. I spent Friday night through Saturday morning running the Chase the Moon endurance relay with four awesome blogger friends (full recap later this week, but you can check out Amy’s post for a team preview), so I spent Saturday relaxing and sleeping. Today, I bought a new computer! Windows 8.1 is going to take some getting used to, but I’m beyond excited to upgrade from the eight-year-old Toshiba I’d been fighting with.

Anyway,  I’m again hopping in with Arman at The Big Man’s World for Spill It, Sundays. Like last week, the theme is Flashbacks. This week, I’m flashing back to throwbacks (because that’s not confusing). Not too long after I started blogging,  I started a Throwback Thursdays series. Keeping up with it has been sporadic at best, but here are three posts that tell you a bit about me. Enjoy!

The Big Man's World

Why I’m Still Kinda Scared of Lifting Heavy Things: This was the post that made me decide to do a series. Team Cereal Killers was just talking about this the other night, so I figured the full story needed a revisit!

That Time I Learned that GPS Is a Necessity: I’m an idiot sometimes. Here’s a story that demonstrates.

That Time I Won a Marathon: Because I like to brag.
Oh, I've used this picture before? Right. Credit still goes to the Estes Park Trail Gazette.

If you missed those the first time, I hope you enjoy them!

What was the best part of your weekend? Anybody race?

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