Colorado Fall Classic Marathon Training: Week 6

Wow, I can’t believe Week 6 of marathon training has already come and gone. And I can’t believe that race day is two months from TODAY. Time is flying!

Here’s how last week’s training looked:

AM: 12.1 miles with 8 at goal pace. Goal pace was still hard, but it went a ton better than the last GP run I attempted, so that was encouraging.
photo 1PM: About an hour of full-body strength training 

AM: 9 miles easy
PM: 30 or so minutes of core,  stretching, and foam rolling
photo 2Just planking. And sweating.

AM: Downhill cruise intervals. I did a 2-ish mile warm-up outside, then hit the incline trainer at the gym for 10x1000m with 200m recoveries, then cooled down outside. 10.5 miles total

PM: Another short core/stretching/rolling session

AM: 8.2 easy miles over the river at sunrise with a billion birdies (that’s what the black spots are, not dirt on my phone)
photo 3PM: 45 minutes of full-body strength, in my basement this time because I could not get myself motivated to hit the gym.

AM: 5 miles, slow and easy, just to loosen up before that night’s Chase the Moon relay

PM: Lap 1 at Chase the Moon, 10.3 milesI started too far back. This is my "Get out the way" face. I started too far back. This is my “Get out the way” face.

AM: And I do mean “A.M.” I started running at 3:30 or so and did my second 10.3-mile lap. I was really tempted to do another lap but decided that was stupid, since my stomach was upset and I’d run 25.6 miles in less than 24 hours
photo 4Team Cereal Killers: Logan, Brooke, Amy, me, and Aimee. I promise I will write a recap soon; I’m waiting to get the official race pictures. But Amy’s is up, so you can read hers!

Sunday: Rest. J and I took a nice long walk, which felt incredible on my tight legs, but otherwise, I just chilled. And it was glorious.

Totals: 65.4 miles, some strength/stretch/etc., too little sleep

This week is a recovery week. I have one tough workout and a 18-20 miler scheduled. The rest are slow, easy, and shorter-than-usual runs.

How was your training week? What’s next on your calendar?

18 thoughts on “Colorado Fall Classic Marathon Training: Week 6”

  1. Chase the moon looks like so much fun! Looks like your training is going well too!! Nice work :-)!

  2. Are you sure they are birds and not bats? 😉 Just saying that because when I lived in Houston, there was a bridge with all kinds of bats that would fly around during sunset. It was crazy. It looks like all of you girls had a fun time doing the 12-hour relay. I love the look on your face in the “get out of my way” picture. I am guilty of making that face too. Enjoy your recovery week. I just received news from my coach that the next two weeks will be the toughest yet in prep for my next half Ironman. Yikes!

    1. They were definitely birds (thank goodness… bats would creep me out!). My face is often a little too expressive. Some of my students once told me they were going to make a poster of all my faces to help new students interpret them. Part of me wishes they would have followed through. 🙂

  3. Nice work Cassie! Love your get out of the way face hahaha! The marathon will be here before you know it….training time flies by fast. My next race is a 12k the first weekend out August, excited for it, but enjoying just training and building for now!

  4. I LOVE your get out of my way face! Oh, and I am laughing that a 60 plus mile week is an easy week for you! I ran 11 in the heat today and thought I was going to diiiiiie. It’s really killing me this summer.

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