Seven Wants

I took a  break from the Ten Day You Challenge last week, since I wanted to write a post for my dad’s birthday and then check in on my 30-before-30 goals.  Today, I’m jumping back in with my seven wants. As usual, thanks to Kristin for creating this series!


At first, I was going to simply list things I want — trail running shoes, warm running gloves for this winter, etc. — but that was kinda boring. Then I was going to list bigger, societal things I wanted, but that felt superficial.

If you don’t know which movie that gif came from, we probably can’t be friends.

I finally decided to list seven things I want that either don’t exist or are impossible for me to get. So here are seven things I would have in my ideal world:

  1. A device that I could point at the people I love, and it would make all the things that hurt them just… stop hurting them.
  2. A service that delivers fresh fruits and veggies whenever I want them. And I don’t mean a CSA, though those seem nice. The service I want would bring me freshly picked asparagus at 7:45 p.m. on a Tuesday in January. That would be awesome.
  3. This ranch:
    photo 2Or one like it.
  4. A job whose requirements are as follows: a. Travel to the most beautiful places on Earth b. Run all over said beautiful places  c. Bring your husband and friends on these trips whenever you want.
  5. A chocolate cheesecake that is filled with all the nutrients the body needs and none of the stuff that is bad for us … but it tastes exactly like regular chocolate cheesecake.

    (image from J and I saw a slice of this today, and I said it looked like divine obesity.)
  6. A transporter, old-school Star Trek style, that would “beam me up” and instantly place me wherever I want to be.
  7. A world where alarm clocks are not necessary, and everyone could always get at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night.

On that note… I’m off to get as close to that eight hours as I can, since I live in a world where alarm clocks are necessary. Have a great night, friends!

What would you have in your ideal world?

14 thoughts on “Seven Wants”

  1. I think I want all of the same things you want!! But I will come up with 3 of my own. 1. I want my cats to live forever. 2. I want to never have to go grocery shopping- the food I need just magically appears. 3. I want to never have to shave ANYTHING again. I want to be smooth always.

  2. Better yet than 8 full hours of sleep: Feeling like we always get a good night’s sleep even if we do not! Or just surviving on 3 hours. Something like that.

  3. What a fun, creative list! I’d like everything on your list. Plus, I’d like running shoes that never wear out. They need to change color and style based, though – important since they never wear out!

  4. If number four comes true, can I be one of your friends so I can travel too?! 🙂 These are great. I would love to be able to eat cake icing and reap nothing but healthy benefits. In my ideal world, I would have all of the important people in my life in one place.

  5. Um yes to #5! I’d put that on my list too for sure. Also I’d like shoes that never give me blisters. That would be heaven. And of course, harsher punishments for parole violators. And world peace. #gracieloufreebush 🙂

  6. I am going to one up your fresh produce delivery, and say I would like a personal chef who could magically whip up fresh, delicious, nutritious meals for me and the fam whenever…
    LOVE the “teletransportation” idea too–I would use it to visit family! oh, and to transport kids to and from practices, activities, etc.
    my addition…
    perhaps a cleaning fairy could come to my house…

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