Five Foods I’m Always Eating

It’s been a couple of weeks since I continued Kristen’s Ten Day You Challenge, so it’s time to get back on that bandwagon!
Today’s prompt is Five Foods. At first, I thought I’d write about the five best foods I’ve ever eaten… and then I couldn’t think of five. That’s lame, because I’ve eaten a lot of tasty business, but I’m lazy tired, so we’re going with five foods I eat almost every day. This is probably the most exciting post I’ve ever written. 

1. Baby spinach. I eat spinach at least once a day. I put it in smoothies, eat salads, mix it in pasta, whatever. It tastes good, goes with anything, and is super nutritious. I’m practically Popeye. 

2. Cereal. I think I have an addiction. At least I usually stick to healthier varieties instead of sugar cereal (although sugar cereal is delicious). In honor of my cereal-fueled running, let’s flash back to Chase the Moon and Team Cereal Killers. 
photo 4


3. Peanut butter. My other addiction. I should seek treatment. Putting peanut butter IN my cereal is even better. 

4. Bananas. Prerun. Postrun. In my cereal. In my smoothies. With peanut butter. Clearly, there’s never a bad time for bananas. 

5. Almonds. Healthy, satisfying, delicious, portable: my four favorite qualities in a food. Almonds fit that bill!

What your your five must-have foods?

14 thoughts on “Five Foods I’m Always Eating”

  1. I LOVE cereal! I like to mix it up each week between healthy and sugary! I can’t eat chocolate cereal for breakfast though!! I seriously could live off of it!
    Also, my husband loves PB! He has joked that if he didn’t marry me, he would have married PB! lol

  2. I seriously cannot believe that you eat spinach every day. I probably eat it once a year. I’m very particular about how it is prepared. Are you a dry cereal type of girl, or do you always need milk added. I have a friend who is obsessed with eating cereal with no milk.

    1. I’m not even kind of picky about my spinach. I used to only eat it raw, but now I like it sauteed or in eggs, too. And I usually put milk in my cereal, but sometimes I’ll take it dry in a ziploc for a snack.

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