Thinking Out Loud Thursday

I haven’t linked up to Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud link-up in quite a while. Now that school’s back in full swing, though, random is the name of my thinking game by the time evening rolls around. So, here are my random thoughts of the night:

1. Two things have recently made me feel very old:  #1: I now have students who were born in the year 2000. 2000. As in, the year I remember everyone freaking out about Y2K. #2: J and I went to a concert a few weeks ago. We left before it ended because it was too loud and everyone around us  was smoking and I was tired. Sooo old.

2. These animals live atop my computer at work:
photo 1 (2)One of my students is obsessed with this meme:

So she named the penguin Pthnowflake and the turtle Pthwimmer. She couldn’t think of a name for the tiger. Phtripes wasn’t clever enough.

3. This bumper sticker made my day.
photo 2 (2)

4. I take waaay too many pictures like this:
photo 3Apparently I have very twitchy post-run fingers.

5. Great news: I found out today that I’m now a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I’m stoked. But… I can’t figure out how to get the badge in the sidebar of my blog.
sweat pink ambassador badge
Can any fellow WordPress users help me out? Can you even add images in the sidebar when you’re using the free WordPress site?

The best part of random posts is not having to come up with a conclusion. Have a great night!

Tell me something random!

What’s the best bumper sticker you’ve ever seen?

What should my students name my tiger?

8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday”

  1. I would have left the concert too! I hate the smell of smoke. And the le often I smell it (due to people really not being allowed to smoke anywhere) the more it bothers me when I DO smell it.

  2. Is it bad that it took me way to long to pronounce the caption on that meme??? I’m pretty tired and it’s kind of late here, lol. I like the “I’d rather be running” bumper sticker…but I figure that’s pretty predictable with me. I havent’ seen a whole lot of funny ones. I ‘ll have to try and notice. I remember when everyone was freaking about Y2K…lol…that feels like Forever ago! It was my first year at University!

  3. Gunshow and I left our concert early a few weeks ago. I ended up getting sick plus the smoke was horrible! We were also at an outdoor venue. We got home and my sweater and hair smelt disgusting! Yuck! Hope the beginning of your school year is going well 🙂

  4. What grade do you teach? I was actually thinking about that–kids who are entering freshman year in high school now were born in the 2000s. Mind boggling!

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