Do you ever have those nights when you can’t mentally formulate a coherent paragraph, let alone a full blog post? That’s me tonight.

Let’s be real. That’s me 90% of the time that I try to blog. But at least tonight is Thursday, which means I can link up to Amanda and pretend my disjointed thoughts are intentional.


Random thing 1: A couple of weeks ago, when I went grocery shopping, I bought some pumpkin. Because I like to eat pumpkin in all the things. The cashier looked at the several cans of pumpkin on the belt and said, “Wow, that’s a lot  of pumpkin. Getting ready for the holidays?” I just said yes because I was embarrassed to admit that it was just my pumpkin for the week.

I stole this picture from here because I didn’t actually photograph my pumpkin. Also, it was not this much.

Random thing 2: Actually, this is related to the first thing. Why do cashiers feel the need to comment on my groceries? It’s worst when I go to Sprouts. Since I live in the boonies, I have to make occasional trips to the nearest Sprouts (an hour away) to stock up on things I can’t buy here. Every time, the cashier exclaims, “That’s a lot of bread/Larabars/coconut milk/whatever!” And then I have to explain that I live here, and have to buy it when I can, blah blah. This should not bother me, I know. But seriously, why do you care what I’m buying? Just ring it up.

Random thing 3: I think I’m addicted to Ed Sheeran. I cannot stop listening to him. I bought his newest album and loved it so much I had to buy the older one, too. And now I just have them constantly on repeat.
He even has a song for this post.

Random thing 4: I got a massage today. It’s only the second one I’ve ever had. It will not be the last. Holy cow, my legs feel amazing. Jordan had to pretty much force me to go, because I always thought massages were weird. So… I owe him.

Random thing 5: My students have discovered I have Twitter and Instagram. So… there’s that.

And this is my brain on Thursday.

Does it bother you when cashiers comment on your purchases?

What music are you loving right now?

14 thoughts on “Randoms”

  1. I hear you on the cashiers commenting! I choose the self-checkout as much as possible. I get that they are bored and probably making small chat (?) but it just seems so personal to analyze what you are buying. Glad you got a massage! And enjoyed it! Yay!

  2. I like when the wal mart cashiers comment on our groceries because usually the only time we go there is to stock up on cat food and kitty litter. So they usually start telling us about THEIR cats and just go on and on an on because they are lonely wal mart cashiers. Paul is so polite, he listens and talks to them, even if they are talking crazy and don’t make sense!

  3. Massages are THE best! I need to get one so bad! I think it would definitely help my legs and IT band!! 🙂
    I think it is funny when I found out my students have IG or Twitter… I always always avoid those conversations!!!

  4. LOL that cashier comment! So true!!!

    Don’t worry, I’ve had enough massages for the both of us….lol.

    When I taught grade 5 two years ago some of them discovered I had an instagram account so then I changed my user name. :0 Not that my pics are scandalous in any way…lol

  5. Ugh, the students discovering you’re on social media and then they all try to friend you, so annoying. I don’t even like friending past, graduated students. They just have so much growing up to do still.

    I did a Costco haul earlier this week and the cashier asked me if I was “one of those juicers”. I had to tell her, no, this is just what my husband and I eat regularly in a week. Her look was priceless!

  6. #2 is one of the many reasons why I use self-checkout. I do not like random interactions with strangers. Sorry the students found you online! Have they somehow gotten a hold of your phone number yet? That’s always fun….

  7. I get a lot of comments on my groceries. It doesn’t bother me when it’s a thoughtful conversation with one of my regular checkers at whole foods. But when I buy 8 jars of PB at trader Joe’s, I don’t need a comment! I know I have a problem!

  8. OMG – the cashiers! I just read this (sorry I’m behind on my blog reading) but this weekend the cashier wanted to know if I was having a party! (Which perplexed me because I had NO party food.) I explained “No, I am just feeding my teenage sons!”

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