Race Recaps You Should Read

There’s nothing more inspiring than reading a race recap. Whether the racer ran a new PR or ran for fun, recaps are entertaining and always make me want to lace up my shoes and head out the door. Since fall racing season is in full swing, the blogosphere has been full of recaps of all sorts of races. Here are some of my favorites recently:

Rachel ran her first-ever 5k a couple of weeks ago. The girl runs wicked-fast half-marathons but had never tried the short and terrible 5k. Spoiler alert: she killed it.

Laura ran the Great Pumpkin Haul, which is exactly what it sounds like: she carried a 33-pound pumpkin through an obstacle course. She’s studly and the race sounds like a blast.

Christy ran the Shoes and Brews half-marathon. Sounds like the awards and swag were mediocre, but Christy ran a great race, especially for having raced several times recently!

Heather has been racing like a crazy person, but that’s a link to her recap of her tenth marathon. Ten! She’s awesome like that.

And speaking of marathons, Brooke just ran Rock ‘n Roll Denver, which is one of my favorite races ever. She met every one of her goals and ran like a rock star!

Amy ran the half at Rock ‘n Roll. She had a friend in town, and they ran for fun and wore costumes. Sounds like a great time!

I hope you’re as inspired by these recaps as I was! Now, go run!

Did I miss a race recap you’d like to share? Post the link!

What’s your favorite race of all time?

7 thoughts on “Race Recaps You Should Read”

  1. Thank you Cassie! YOU are a beast of a runner. I seriously wish we lived by each other so we could run together. I think we’d fall madly in love with each other, though. Your husband might not appreciate that. šŸ˜‰

  2. Weird, I just commented and then it said I didn’t so if you already got this then ignore it but I was just saying that I love race recaps because they let me be in the action without having to exert any physical energy whatsoever šŸ˜€

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