Weekly Workouts 11/10-16

The day  I dreaded has finally arrived: my students have discovered my blog. It’s my own fault, too. When we read Animal Farm every year, we talk about propaganda, and an option for their unit assessment is to plan a “class revolution.” They have to make propaganda and give a campaign speech about why they should be installed and I should be removed as leader. I love the project, but I feared it would lead them to my blog as they searched for pictures of me. And it did. Sigh. But it’s not like I post anything even kind of scandalous, and I’m sure most of them will forget about it once the project is done, so oh well.

Outside of my propaganda-filled classroom this week, Colorado decided to skip the late-fall cooldown and just leap right into winter. Last Sunday, when we ran Amy’s unofficial half, it was 65 degrees. Wednesday, we never made it over 10. That was abrupt, Colorado. Real abrupt.

Of course, during the week I run on the treadmill anyway because I’m scared of the dark. (I’m not scared of the dark, per se, but I’m scared of distracted drivers and potholes and ice and bad guys, all of which are made worse by darkness). This was a bit of a cutback week — not because I’d really planned it that way, but because it was a busy week and that’s just how it happened. Sometimes it’s nice  to not be training for anything, because unplanned cutback weeks are completely fine. Here’s how this one looked:


Easing back into tempo runs, I warmed up for 20 minutes, ran at tempo for 15 minutes, and cooled down until I hit 5.5 miles. Then I did some core work.


I intended to go to the gym to lift… but it was no degrees outside and I have a treadmill in my basement. So… I ran 5 easy miles while rocking out to the Backstreet Boys and watching The Biggest Loser, and then I did the Runner 360 workout.
photo 1 (1)


7.1 easy miles and some core


Again, I didn’t go lift because it was cold. Plus, this was a morning workout because I was judging an evening speaking contest at school, and scraping my windshield at 4:30 a.m. sounds pretty dumb to me. So I did another treadmill run (4 miles of hill repeats) and the Runner 360 again.


Another a.m. workout, as my parents came to visit Friday night. 7.2 miles on the treadmill made a good start to my day.
photo 2 (10)
I tried to be super cool and use the camera timer on my phone to take a mid-run picture. Clearly that worked well.


The ‘rents were in town and it was flipping cold, so I cranked out 3 reps of Runner 360 and called it good.


I was in dire need of sunshine and fresh air, regardless of how cold, so after my folks left, I checked the temperature:
photo 3
I layered up and went. I wore tights, pants, a warm top, a jacket, gloves and glove liners, ear warmers, and a neck warmer thing that I pulled up over my mouth. It wasn’t too bad, but I hope the running mittens I ordered come in soon and are warm. My hands are always freezing, and it makes winter running miserable.

I planned to go double-digits, but I decided that could wait until my gloves came in and I was a little more acclimated to this cold business.
photo 4 (4)

Total: 35.9 miles, 3 days of strength but none in the gym

This coming week, I really should get back to the gym. But my basement is so nice….

I’ll also try to be a little better at blogging and reading blogs this week, but it might be rough. I’m an idiot and assigned due dates so that my seniors are turning in essays Monday and my sophomores are turning in projects on Tuesday, so my evenings this week will likely be gradingfests. But Kristin tagged me for a fun little challenge, so I’ll try to at least get that one up. Because mustaches.

Also, if you haven’t signed up for the holiday challenge that Run to the Finish and Sweat Guru  are hosting, go check it out! And if you do sign up, make sure you mention me, because I want prizes. I won’t sugarcoat my desires.

Have a great week, friends!

Is it cold where you are? What’s your favorite piece of cold-weather running gear?

12 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts 11/10-16”

  1. This is sad but I can never leave a comment on your blog because I can never remember my password for WordPress. I change it all the time thinking I will remember this and I never do.

    But I read it! How do you like the Runner 360 workout? I do it about once a week twice through. I keep thinking I will do it three times through but then I am too tired or lazy. It is a great core workout.

    Christy Sent via iPhone


  2. We had similar weather in that it was WARM and then suddenly COLD. But not as cold as it is for you! It was in the 30s, which I have quickly started to enjoy! I have enough cold gear to make anything 20+ pretty comfortable. Below 20… then I start to look like a marshmallow in my layering and end up just plodding along until I think my nose is about to freeze off and I go inside. I could run on the treadmill at the gym but that requires getting up earlier.

  3. I loved your post on Instagram when you told your kiddos to go do their homework. I literally laughed out loud. That project sounds awesome though. Worth it for them to discover your blog to do something so cool!

  4. You’re students now know that you rock out during your treadmill runs to the Backstreet Boys, which I’m sure has earned you points. 🙂

    I always wonder what my students (or other faculty) would think if they knew I had a blog. Hopefully it would inspire more than anything.

    We had the same weather roll through Oregon as well. Fun times! I did the Mustache challenge too!!! It is no shove November, right?

  5. They probably just think it’s fun that you blog 😀

    It’s cold here, but no snow yet. I really want snow.. 8-| haha 😀
    I don’t know.. I have so much stuff for warm weather, but not nearly enough for the cold. Gloves maybe? haha 😀

  6. I’m really loving this glove combo I bought that has neoprene gloves inside and an outer raincoat material glove. BEST THING EVER for the rainy winters we get here. I’ve worn them once a week since I got them last month.

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