Festive Fitness Playlist and Workouts

It’s almost Christmas! Hooray! That means there are only a few days left to enjoy Christmas music, so you’d better listen to it all you can… including while you work out. But  you can’t listen to that slow stuff while getting sweaty, so here’s a playlist of upbeat, festive songs to get you moving.

Festive Fitness Playlist

Did I have a little fun with Picmonkey? Yes, yes I did. Because I’m on Christmas break, sucker.

Do you need a workout to go with that playlist? Check out some of these from some of my favorite bloggers:

Christmas Carol Speedplay via FitAspire

12 Days of Exercises Workout via Meg Go Run (because a festive playlist needs a festive workout)

Pre-Feast Workout via Wrecking Routine (Brooke made this as a Thanksgiving workout, but I’m pretty sure we’re all doing some feasting this week, too)

Bodyweight AMRAP Workout via Trainer Paige (no excuses!)

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Any upbeat Christmas songs I missed? I really wanted Garth Brooks’ “Call Me Claus” but I couldn’t find it on iTunes. Lame.

5 thoughts on “Festive Fitness Playlist and Workouts”

  1. You’re cute. I am pretty sure that Garth is still only selling his stuff at Wal Mart. He made that deal with them a long time ago. Lame for sure.

  2. Looooove picmonkey! Thanks for including my workout. I checked out the other three and now I finally know what AMRAP means! No seriously, I never knew what it meant, only knew it was Crossfit related!

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