Lincoln Marathon Training, Week 4

Can you believe January is more than halfway over? If feeling that every year goes faster than the last is a sign that you’re getting old… well, I’m old. The good news is that the Colorado weather gods decided we’d been punished enough, and the past few days have been 50 degrees and glorious. And the days are getting longer all the time, so soon I’ll be back to outdoor runs on more than just the weekends.

Here’s how the training week went:


AM: About 30 minutes of upper-body and core work, including some planks for SweatPink’s #NoExcuses challenge
photo 4 (11)

PM: 11 miles easy. Or as easy as 11 miles on a treadmill on a Monday night can be.


AM: 30 minutes of lower-body and core

PM: 13 miles. That’s a long time on a treadmill, but on the bright side, I was able to watch almost the whole premier of The Bachelor. Yes, I know it premiered a week ago, but Hulu  won’t let me watch it free until the next episode is out. And it’s not within my pride to pay for that.


Only one workout: a five-mile recovery run and 10 #NoExcuses burpees.

Nothing says "I'm working hard" like looking at the camera to make sure it's working...
Nothing says “I’m working hard” like looking at the camera to make sure it’s fliming…


AM: 45 minutes of full-body strength training

PM: 9-mile run with 4 at tempo. I hate tempo runs. Have I mentioned that?


5-mile recovery run and 15 minutes of yoga to try to loosen up my tight legs.


We went to Denver Friday night with Jordan’s family, and I planned to do my long run in Denver Saturday morning. But we were staying way out by the airport (i.e. nowhere good to run that I know of), and when we woke up, the wind was howling. So I decided to wait until afternoon, which was a terrific choice: the wind died down, the sun was shining, and I ran 15 miles in shorts.
photo 2 (18)

Shorts weather also means snow-melting and mud-making weather.


45 minutes of yoga. I tried a new-to-me video on Amazon. It wasn’t my favorite, but my legs and hips felt a lot better afterward. And I took a picture for the #NoExcuses challenge, because prizes.
photo 1 (18)

Totals: 58 miles running, about 2:45 strength and stretch.

This week, I plan to head back to the gym for my strength sessions. I avoided it the last couple of weeks because one, doing it in my basement is easier, especially in the early mornings, and two, I didn’t want to fight New Year’s crowds. But I need to lift some heavier weights, and I know that, so back to the gym I go tomorrow.

Anyone else wearing shorts in January?

What’s your next event?

13 thoughts on “Lincoln Marathon Training, Week 4”

  1. No shorts here in PA! It was very cold this week and we got a lot of ice. So looking forward to spring…

    Luckily my gym hasn’t been super crowded! I go really early, so that could be one reason. But on Saturday I went around 11:30am- which I thought was going to be a BAD idea. However, it was actually less crowded than when I go in the mornings. Today I think I am going to stay home to lift. I have a couple Datelines I want to watch. 🙂

  2. I wish I was able to wear shorts! I actually haven’t ran since January 2nd. The weather has been awful – lots of bitter cold (we had “an Arctic cold front” for 178 hours! School was even delayed a few days) and lots of ice! Very unsafe to run but I have been taking spin so that is good 🙂
    Hope you keep rockin’ your training!

  3. The weather here has been pretty gorgeous. Except on Saturday when I ran a race. It was in the 50s, but incredibly muggy and sticky. The rain held off until we were about to leave, thank goodness. But yesterday, I went to the beach to run (wearing shorts) and the temp dropped 10 degrees really quickly. Once I started running, it wasn’t bad, but I before I began running I was cursing my own name.

  4. It is crazy to me that January is almost over. I honestly have no idea where the month went. But I am loving this weather so we have that going for us….Anyway, great training week. I bet there are plenty of big country roads that go on forever near the airport, though I am not sure I would want to try them out.

  5. Unfortunately, I’m riding the couch with the flu right now, but, if I could run this week, I would definitely be wearing shorts. It’s 65 degrees!

    I’m always so glad when I hear people I respect say they watch The Bachelor. It makes me feel a little better about my guilty pleasure 🙂 Which girls are your favorite?

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