Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 7

Hi friends! First off, thanks a ton for all the encouragement on my last recap. You all inspired me not to give up on my 3:10 goal and give it one more shot. This week was a cutback, so hopefully next week will feel better again.


AM: 45 minutes strength training. The gym is still crowded.

PM: 8 miles. We had an inservice day, so I was able to get out a little earlier than usual. Combined with the longer days, that meant I was able to do the whole thing outside. That makes me happy.
photo 3 (14)


This was a weird day. I took a group of kids on a field trip, and we had lunch at Tokyo Joe’s. When I started running several hours later, my stomach felt like I had just eaten. It was miserable, and I made all of 5 of my planned 12 miles. I felt pretty crummy; in fact, I didn’t even eat dinner, and you know something’s wrong if I’m missing a meal. Apparently digesting is hard. But the good news is I have an appointment with an RD on Friday, so maybe she can figure out what’s wrong with me.


I got up bright and early feeling much better, so I cranked out a 10-miler (originally scheduled for Thursday). So that was good.


AM: I got up at no-o’clock in the morning to make up Tuesday’s 12-miler. Why in the morning? Well, because I promised my freshmen I’d stay as late as they needed for help on their research project. Yeah… two came in and they were gone by 4. And it was 60 degrees. Boo.

PM: 45 minutes strength at the gym


5-mile recovery run. Another beautiful day ended with a beautiful sunset. Followed by core work and stretching. photo 2 (21)


15-mile long run. In shorts and T-shirt. It was amazing.

photo 1 (21)

Later, my friend Sarah came over, and we went for a walk. Because when it’s 70 degrees in February, you don’t stay inside.


Rest day. J and I took a walk because it’d be a crime to stay inside on a 60-some degree day, and then I did some hip opener yoga.

Totals: 55 miles, 2.5ish hours strength and stretch

This week, mileage ramps back up. Here we go.

How’s the weather where you are? Sorry to rub it in to you East-Coasters.

8 thoughts on “Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 7”

  1. I wore my Chacos today! It was wonderful! Thanks for the walk yesterday. We really should do that more often! P.S I heard some more stories about your field trip with the kids tonight! Made me laugh!

  2. You really are a beast. I would not run 10 miles in the morning then want to go to work. Those pesky children always getting in the way of our plans! They don’t even belong to us! 😉

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