Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 10

I like to believe that I’ll post more each week than my training recaps. But then I remember that I teach English and essays don’t just grade themselves. The good news is that Matt from No Meat Athlete and his sister are doing another #writeandrun31 challenge this month. I got some decent writing out of the January challenge, so I’m looking forward to this one. I’m committing to 10 minutes per day of writing, which is what I did in January. It’s not much, but it gets the juices flowing and I usually end up writing longer. Plus, it’s easy to convince myself to do even if it’s bedtime.

I hope I’ll have some interesting, non-training log stuff for you to read soon, but until then, let’s take a look at this week, the first on my new plan.


AM: 45 minutes of strength training, done in the basement because driving on icy roads before 5 a.m. sounded just plain awful.

PM: 10 miles easy


8 miles easy — layered up for 4 outside, then finished with 4 inside once the sun went down, followed by enough core work and stretching to get to a good stopping point in The Bachelor. 
photo 1 (1)


Cruise intervals: 10 x 1000m. With the warm-up and a too-short cool-down, I hit an even 10.


AM: Strength training in the basement again, this time for only 30 minutes. I love sleep.

PM: 8-mile easy run. I didn’t get home in time to make layering up for a couple of outside miles worth it, so I stuck to the tready.


7 easy miles, core, and stretching


I spent Saturday decorating for and chaperoning a dance, and while I thought I’d probably have time to run between decorating and heading back to let in the DJ, I didn’t want to risk running out of time. Decorating always takes longer than I think it will. Who knew that hanging gossamer was such a time-consuming task? Anyway, I decided to run before decorating, which meant starting at dark o’clock, which meant treadmill.
Luckily, this plan has kind of an awkward cutback week — it started with Saturday’s shorter progression run, and this coming week’s runs are shorter, but this Saturday’s long run will be back to 20. I won’t complain, because that 11-mile progression run fit perfectly into the time I had on Saturday, AND I had a little time in the afternoon to squeeze in a catnap before this grandma had to stay up until midnight.


30 minutes of yoga.

Totals: 54.1 miles, a little over 2 hours strength, stretch, etc.

In other news, I’ve had “The Wobble” playing in my head all. day. long. Darn you, dance.

Which would you choose for a strength workout: bodyweight and dumbbells at home, or an early-morning drive to the gym? I prefer home, but sometimes I go to the gym since I don’t have all the weights.

What was your favorite song to dance to in high school?

2 thoughts on “Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 10”

  1. “Cotton Eyed Joe” or “Hit Me Baby One More Time”! Woo hoo 90’s
    Does it make me old that I don’t know what “The Wobble” is?

    1. No, that makes me feel so much better. I didn’t know it until Homecoming, and I was like, “What is this dance?” P.S. Remind me to show you the trendy new dance I’ve dubbed “The Sophomore Boy.”

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