Spring Fever

Just a few more days, and it’ll officially be spring. Around here, of course, “spring” means wind and snow, especially in the early weeks, but we also get more than a few gorgeous sunny days thrown in that give me major spring fever. And what better to feed that fever than a list of the spring things I’m most excited about?

  • The time change. I know my morning runner friends despise the time change, but starting next week, I’ll be able to do all my evening runs outside again. Even if those runs are cold and windy (and a lot of them will be), at least I’ll be outside!
  • State testing. HAHAHA I made a funny.
  • Flower planting. Oh, how I love planting flowers. I always buy way too many, and then have to buy more pots. But they’re so pretty and happy that I just can’t stop buying them.
    Picture2 269
  • Yarding. (Yes, I made that a verb. If Shakespeare can invent words, so can I.) We’re FINALLY getting our yard started, after living here for nearly three years. I can’t wait to have grass and a garden and things besides sticker-weeds growing in our backyard!
  • Marathoning. May 3, it’s going down in Lincoln. And please go tell Natalie that she definitely wants to run the half there so we can meet.
  • Strawberries. One of the few fruits I can still eat, strawberries are coming into season again. Nom nom.
  • Blooms. I’m fortunate to not suffer from allergies, so I thoroughly enjoy the trees and bushes that will start popping out flowers and pretty smells soon.
    photo 3
  • Spring cleaning.  Okay, so I’m not really excited to do a good, deep house cleaning, but I’m excited to have it done.

  • New office! We’ve had an empty room in our house since we bought it, and we finally decided to turn it into an office for me. Our spring break plan is getting it painted and set up. I’m looking for a DIY standing desk idea that will work in there, since real standing desks are waaaay out of my budget but sitting all day (in the summer, when I’m working on curriculum and such) is not an option. Any ideas?

Yes, spring brings many exciting things. Bring it on, March!

What spring things are you most looking forward to?

4 thoughts on “Spring Fever”

  1. I’m actually looking forward to the time change, even though I am a morning runner. Longer days means summer is just around the corner – and this makes me excited.

    I am also excited about Easter because I love coloring eggs and all of the yummy candy. I feel like it is the last holiday until Halloween that will have good candy.

    Oh, and flowers everywhere. The bright colors of spring make me happy!

    1. I never really thought about that long candy gap between Easter and Halloween, but it’s true. And I don’t care if the Reese’s eggs are the same as normal PB cups; they taste better at Easter. 🙂

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