Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 11


If the capital letters weren’t enough to clue you in, let me just tell you: I’m excited. And check out the saucy temperatures coming up this week:
photo (1)

Tuesday and Thursday are parent-teacher conference days, which means no enjoying that glorious sunshine, but you’d better believe that the rest of the week, I’ll be soaking it up.

In the meantime, let’s review what I hope was my last treadmill-heavy week of this training cycle. I mentioned last weekend that this was kind of an awkward cutback week: even though my training plan weeks are Monday-Sunday, this cutback started with last Saturday’s “long run” and went until this Friday. Here’s how it went:


AM: Body-weight strength training in the basement. I need to get back to the gym, but it sure is  easier to just go downstairs.

PM: Tempo intervals: 5 x 2000m with 400m recoveries; 10 miles total including warm-up and cool-down. This was the first speed workout this whole cycle that I’ve felt really good. I hope that’s a good sign.


6 miles easy, core work, and stretching


7 miles of fartleks followed by core work. And fruit loop socks, because this was a morning run and fruit loop socks make mornings happier.
photo 1 (3)


AM: The same strength workout as Monday

PM: 6 miles easy


5 easy miles


20-mile long run. J had a meeting (and thus a hotel room) in Denver Friday through Saturday, so I tagged along and got to enjoy my long run in the Mile High City.
photo 2 (1)
This picture is from the top of the little hill in Cheesman Park, which feels not-so-little at mile 9ish of the half at Rock ‘n Roll Denver (it’s mile 9 of the full, too, but feels a lot less brutal when you’re running the full).


Rest. I didn’t even do yoga today. I took a walk instead, because the weather was gorgeous and I needed my vitamin D fix.

Total: 54 miles

And that’s the week in a nutshell. I will get back to the gym this week. I will. Maybe.

Daylight savings: Love it or hate it?

Favorite at-home strength move? I’ve been doing pistol squats. I love/hate them.

5 thoughts on “Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 11”

  1. Hate the time change. I am a morning person so I want it light early and dark early. I have a love hate with pistols too, I used to be really good at them but after I injured myself two years ago I quit doing them and have never got back into them. Jump lunges are a love hate with me for sure, and burpees.

  2. Oh dang pistol squats are tough. They aggravate my knee. 😦 I am actually glad to have my morning runs be dark again. I feel more like I am in my own little world. It is weird that it is so light out later. I guess it will force me to come out of hibernation and stay awake a little longer…

  3. I’m a morning person, so I have struggled a bit with the darkness in the morning. It makes me want to sleep longer. I also feel groggy when I do get up when it’s still dark. Hopefully I adjust one of these days.

    How are you liking your new training schedule. Is it more manageable?

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