Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 14

Remember how I used to post more than training recaps? Yeah, sorry about the lack of anything else lately. I’ve been both busy and uninspired… my life is not that exciting, really; I just work and run, and I can’t blog about my job because blogging about your job as a teacher is a good way to not have a job as a teacher anymore. But we’ve got one more week until Spring Break, so hopefully I’ll get a big dose of inspiration and have the time to write then.

Anyway, on to yet another training recap. This was a peak mileage week, and I felt good and strong on almost every run. That’s a good sign.


AM: Strength training at the gym for 45ish minutes

PM: 8.1 miles easy. I had a meeting that ran longer than I thought it would, so I rescheduled the 90-105 minute run that my schedule said to do.


Tempo intervals: 4 x 2 miles with 4-minute recovery. This was a tough workout, but the wind played nice and didn’t blow a billion miles an hour while I ran, so that was good. 11.4 miles total, including warm-up and cool-down


9 miles easy. This was one of those runs that just felt good… probably because I needed to burn off a significant amount of standardized test stress. I followed the run with a quick core workout at home.
photo 3 (3)
It had rained off and on all day, and the sky was gorgeous by my evening run. My little iPhone camera couldn’t really do it justice.


AM: Strength training, again! At the gym! I’m on a roll…

PM: 12.5 miles. This was the run I switched with Monday’s.
photo 2 (4)
Still working on the running selfie. Still struggling.


8 miles easy. My legs were pretty tired from Thursday’s two workouts, so I took it nice and slow, then did some core, foam rolling, and Sticking after the run.


23 miles. I normally cap my long run at 22, but I wanted to run one that would have me on my feet longer (time-wise) than the marathon. So 23 it was.
photo 1 (6)
 headed out to my favorite hilly country roads for part of the loop. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t love living on the plains, but days like yesterday remind me that the plains can be pretty, too.


Rest. I didn’t even do yoga. I cleaned my house and graded instead. (See, not exciting.)

Totals: 72 miles, about 2 hours core and stretch

Just two more hard weeks, and then it’s taper time. I can hardly even believe it.

Is your life exciting (or more exciting than mine…)?

What’s your favorite long run loop like?

6 thoughts on “Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 14”

  1. My life is like yours, minus the running. I haven’t even been reading much. Goodreads told me that I am one book behind schedule. No winning.
    P.S Only 28 days

  2. Hi! I live in your neck of the plains and wonder where your favorite hilly road is. Maybe you could send me a private message? And, no, my life is not more exciting.

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