Thinking Out Loud: I Think I Can (Maybe)

T-minus-three days until race day. This is my eighth marathon, and I don’t think the pre-race nerves have gotten any better. I’ve made no secret this training cycle that my goal time is 3:10. All week, I’ve mentally bounced between “I can definitely do it!” to “Well … maybe not.” So I needed to write this post for my own sanity (and probably for J’s sanity, too, since he has to spend 5.5 hours in a car with me Saturday…). I’m linking up with Amanda, because this is definitely some thinking out loud…

Reasons I Think I Can Run a 3:10

  • I haven’t missed a single run this training cycle. I like to cross off each workout when I finish it, and my schedule looks like this now:
    photo (4)
  • I’m finally getting the hang of fast-finish long runs, and I had several solid ones this cycle. Hopefully they’ve taught me to not go out too fast and finish strong.
  • Before digestive issues not messed me up in September, I was on pace to hit 3:10. I just needed to hold it  for a couple more miles.
  • Lincoln is flat. Fort Morgan is flat. My training has been mostly flat.
    photo 1 (2)
    Recycled picture of flatness.

Reasons I Think I Maybe Can’t Run a 3:10

  • Guts. I don’t want a repeat of September. This is my #1 (or #2…sorry, I couldn’t resist) worry going into this weekend.
  • Training runs derailed by those guts. I haven’t missed any runs, but several were… interrupted. I hope my legs didn’t get too cheated out of the training stimulus.
  • Heat. The marathon sent out this e-mail today: 
    I hope it doesn’t get hot too fast. I should be done shortly after 10:00, so here’s hoping the cool morning holds.
  • Sleep. It’s not been going well for the past week or so. I’m not sure why.

Basically, I think the 3:10 is possible if all the stars align. But if I pace myself smart (I’m planning for an even or slightly negative split, especially given the increasing temperatures as the race goes on), and if, when I cross that finish line, I’m exhausted and sweaty and feeling 90% dead (but not injured), I’ll be satisfied, regardless of what that clock says. And if I leave it all on the course and the clock says 3:10:xx, I’ll be ecstatic.

So, here we go.

Any last advice for me? 

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: I Think I Can (Maybe)”

  1. just get your sleep tonight. 🙂 Race nerves could be the reason.
    I think you’re ready for a 3:10. Just stick to the plan. You will rock this!

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