Blue Sky Trail Marathon Training, Week 10

This week/weekend was crazy busy; my brother got married Friday, and between wedding stuff, a meeting Saturday, and work, training was a challenge. Also due to all of that, I’m really tired tonight and don’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to get this recap up so I wouldn’t forget things, as I do when I write two weeks’ worth of training recaps at once. So this is going up at lightning speed. Please excuse typos/lack of anything clever/boringness. Thanks.


AM: 7 miles of treadmill “hills”

PM: Strength work


11.1 miles easy. It was hot that afternoon, so my pace was slow, but it got done.


6 recovery miles, followed by core work


6.5 miles, 3.5 of which was on the incline treadmill, moving around between 10% and 18%. That was fun. I followed the run with a fast core workout, skipping my usual Thursday afternoon strength session in favor of my brother’s wedding rehearsal. That was a good trade.


As part of the bridal party, there was no time for running (unless I did it in the dark, which I didn’t care to do in a part of Denver that I don’t know well). I switched my usual Sunday rest day to Friday and spent the day getting beautified instead.


5 miles easy. I had a morning meeting (yes, I was tired) and an easy 5 was all I had time for.


Since we were in Denver anyway, we stayed an extra night so I could do my last long run back at Green Mountain. I ran 21.5 miles and told myself that the two late nights and fun-but-stressful/emotional days before were what made it so hard. Let’s hope there’s at least some truth in that, since soon I’ll have to tack on 5 more miles.

I made a new friend.
I made a new friend.

Total: 57.1 miles. Let’s hope that’s enough to get me through the race!

Now I’ll do a two-week taper, and the race will be here before I know it, I’m sure.

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