#HolidaySweat Challenge

Oh, hey. Did you know I still have a blog? I haven’t posted lately, because (1) I’ve been busy and (2) those busy things are not exciting, so every blog entry would say, “Ran. Went to work. Went to meetings. Graded papers.” So much excitement.

Running-wise, I was in recovery mode after my trail race, then in “I do what I want” mode for a couple of weeks. Now, I’m looking at building/maintaining a solid base, then picking a spring goal. I’m not sure I want to commit to a marathon this spring (have you heard that before?) , so I’m looking at running the Horsetooth Half in April, the Run to the Shrine 10k in May, and then training hard all summer for a fall marathon or *gulp* ultra.

In other news, I hate daylight savings time. photo 5 (3)
(Old picture; same view I’ve seen all week). At least I’ve got weekends to get my Vitamin D fix.

See? Not much exciting happening in my world lately.

What is exciting is that I’m doing the #HolidaySweat challenge with Fit Approach and Run to the Finish again this year. It’s a great way to stay accountable for eating well and exercising throughout the holiday craziness that’s about to start, and there’s a chance to win sweet prizes from companies like Prana, Prizes are fun.

Welp, how’s that for a thrilling back-to-blogging post? And I’m not even going to proofread it, because I’m tired. Probably not a good idea, since my students will start their propaganda units soon and will likely find my blog. Do as I say, kids, not as I do.

I will try to become a more active part of the blog world again soon, I promise!

Any other Holiday Sweaters (see what I did there) out there?

What’s new in your world? Have you written any fun/interesting/informative posts that I should check out? 

2 thoughts on “#HolidaySweat Challenge”

  1. I’d like to be a holiday sweater, but don’t have the spools/ tools (how do I sign up? Also, my world looks a lot like yours (wake up, work, run, grade, sleep, repeat) and so there’s not a lot for you to catch up on there. Good to see you’re back and recovered! A spring goal sounds good, but only if you won’t stress yourself out about it.

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