Posts I’ve Loved Lately

I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t had anything blog-worthy happening in my life lately. Luckily for me, we had a snow day today (the best kind of snow day: all my classes are between big assignments, so I’ve got nothing to grade!), so I got the chance to catch up on my backed-up Feedly. Turns out, my Internet friends have been writing lots of great stuff recently. Since there’s nothing new to read on mine, go check out some of these!


Balsamic Sea Salt Roasted Brussels Sprouts from Fit Foodie Finds. These look delicious. Hey Mom… want to try these when I’m home for Thanksgiving?

White Chicken Chili with Sweet Potatoes from Eat.Lift.Play.Repeat. Are you following Melissa yet? You should be. I actually know her in real life (I work with her mom), and her blog is relatively new, but holy cow, she posts some delicious stuff. I made this chili last weekend and ate it for lunch all week. It’s SO GOOD.


The Ultimate Guide to Running in the Dark by Rock Creek Runner. I’m sure I’ve made it clear before that I don’t generally run in the dark. I run alone 99% of the time, and aloneness + darkness + clumsiness is probably a recipe for disaster. If you live in a place that’s a little safer to run in the dark (most roads here aren’t well-lit, and since there aren’t many runners, drivers are not used to seeing pedestrians out at night), or if you’re preparing for a race that includes night running, this is great advice.

Focus on the Behavior Change, Not the Goal — great advice from Your Trainer Paige.

Fantasizing and Reflecting by Stephanie Howe. I really appreciate when elites post their struggles. It makes them seem more human, and makes the struggles we “normal” people have seem legitimate.

My 3 Rules: Running and Books from Gotta Run Now. Nice little post with good advice.

How to Beat Negative Self-Talk from Runladylike.

Race Recaps

I love reading race recaps! So inspiring.

NYC Marathon Race Recap from Vita Train for Life. She had a rough race and came out with a great perspective.

Rock n Roll Philadelphia from Tina Muir. So fast.

Rim Rock Marathon from Kate Runs Colorado. This race is high on my bucket list. Check out Kate’s pictures to see why.


No More Maybe – Commit! from 50by25. I’ve gotten bad about commenting, but I love pretty much everything Laura posts.

What great posts have you read/written lately?

5 thoughts on “Posts I’ve Loved Lately”

  1. Thanks so much for including me here!! I’ll have to check out some of the others – especially the food! It’s getting cold in the Northeast and I’m ready for some crockpot meals 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Yes, Cass! We can try the Brussels sprouts! I loved the article “Focus on the Behavior Change, not the Goal”. It makes so much sense and is practical. I love when those two elements come together.

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