Best of… Things Lately

Best book I’ve read: Fig by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz. We went to Denver’s Lit Crawl a few weeks ago — a bunch of bars and bookstores on the same street held book and poetry readings and it was amazing — and Schantz was one of the authors we heard. I bought the book after the reading, and it’s fantastic. It won the Colorado Book Award in Young Adult books this year, and I can see why. It’s sad, but so good. Probably not a good choice when you have to be alert and teaching teenagers at 7:15 a.m., because it’s hard to put away, but well worth the read.

Image result for fig sarah elizabeth schantz

Best cookbook I’ve read: Paleo Takes 5 or Fewer by Cindy Sexton. I don’t really eat Paleo, but I like to use Paleo recipes because they’re so healthy, and this book has been my go-to for weeknight meals since I bought it about a month ago. It also has some not-for-weeknights (at least not for me) meals, but what I’ve made has been delicious and easy.

Image result for paleo takes 5 or fewer

Best (or at least most useful) way I’ve spent a Saturday: Refreshing my first aid and CPR skills. That’s how I spent yesterday, and although it made the weekend seem nonexistent, reading articles like this one remind me that it’s super important. I hadn’t gotten re-certified since high school, so it was definitely time.

Best husband: Pardon me if this one’s too sappy,  but my husband is the best. He cleaned the whole house while I was gone yesterday (including scrubbing under the stove. This new house is gross) AND painted more samples (we have a winner!), and today he finished controlling the jungle that was our yard. We now look like civilized people, from the outside at least. He’s the bomb.

Best vacation idea: Did you see that the Backtreet Boys are doing a residency in Vegas? I’ve never cared about Vegas before, but now I’m pretty sure I have to go and realize the biggest dream of 12-year-old Cassie’s life.

Best student quote: I’m teaching The Great Gatsby, and we’re watching the Leonardo DiCaprio movie as we read. During the scene when Gatsby comes in, dripping wet, from the rainstorm, one of my students blurted out, “Whoa! He’s moister than an oyster!” I feel like that might be some dirty thing kids say now, but I’m going to believe it’s innocent and hilarious.

Best season: It’s fall. I’m happy. Bring on the pumpkin, pretty leaves, and perfect running weather!

What’s your recent “best of”?

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