My Blog Is Having an Identity Crisis, and I Need Your Help

I’ve had this little blog for 2.5 years now. Sometimes I post regularly, and sometimes, as in recent months, posts are few and far between. One thing has stayed consistent, though: the blog’s focus on running. I was happy with that focus for a long while. I like chronicling my training and writing race reviews and reflections. When I got injured, though, and had to scale back my running, my blogging scaled way back, too.

A large piece of my motivation to start this blog in the first place was my firmly-held belief that if I’m going to be a decent writing teacher, I need to also be a writer. And lately, I have not written much at all. In addition, as I’ve watched the political and ideological turmoil in our country lately, I’ve also wondered if writing only about running is really the best use my wee corner of the Internet machine. Running is just one aspect of my life, and while I fully intend to continue writing about it, I think I’d like to broaden my blogging to incorporate more of the things about which I’m passionate. However, according to my WordPress sidebar, 1176 people follow my blog, and the first thing I teach my students about writing is that you must consider your audience.

So, audience, I need your feedback. What would you be interested in reading about here at Rural Running Redhead? Please take 30 seconds to click through this survey, and/or comment with any feedback that you have. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “My Blog Is Having an Identity Crisis, and I Need Your Help”

  1. I will take your survey! I will also say that I love reading about things other than running. Running may be what brings be to a blog, but if I stick around, I naturally become very nosey (in a non creepy way!) About the bloggers life, thoughts, and feelings outside of running. That makes me more likely to read a blog, personally! As you may have gathered, I post about a lot of stuff other than running. It is so freeing to talk running one day, politics the next, and then maybe a post about cats. 🙂

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