I made it just under a month between blog posts this time.  I’m getting better! My new goal is to post once a week, which was what I averaged back before this whole move-and-start-a-new-job thing.

Thanks to those of you who answered my poll in my last post. Sounds like you mostly want to hear about the things I started this blog to talk about — running and adventures. So that’s where I’ll keep my focus, with occasional side topics. I’ll try to keep it apolitical, as most of you were not interested in reading about politics. I need a politics-free zone in my life, anyway. My colleagues and I get so fired up that we decided to institute a “Trump jar” in our shared office this week to make ourselves talk about something else.

So yeah. I will find other places to share my political opinions and keep this blog focused on… not that.

And on that note, let me give you a few quick updates so we’re all caught up as  I get back into this regular blogging thing:

  • I’m a Skirt Sports ambassador again! I am so honored to represent this company for another year. And good news for you: since I’m an ambassador, you get to save! Use code 1SSCAPT20 to save 20%, even on sale items!
  • I’m slowly but surely (I hope) recovering from the hamstring injury that has kept me sidelined since July. It’s still not 100%, but it’s getting there. I ran 8 miles yesterday, which was the longest I’ve gone since getting injured. For long-time readers who remember my training posts with 70-mile weeks and 23-mile long runs, it probably sounds crazy that I’m thrilled to have run 8, but man, it felt good! Hopefully I’ll be back to my high-mileage self before TOO much longer.

    Yes, this was February. I love Colorado. 
  • Related (I think): I’ve been doing yoga religiously. I started a 21-day challenge on January 9 and stuck with it, then spent a week doing other videos, and now J and I are starting the same challenge again. I never thought I’d be a daily yoga-er (“yogi” sounds much more advanced than I am), but it’s helping me sleep and I really think it’s helping my hamstring, too. I’m SUPER excited that J is doing it with me now, too.
  • That healing hamstring is a good thing, because I have a race this Saturday! I’ll be running the Loveland Sweetheart Classic. Last time I ran it, in 2014, I took second (read about that here), but this time, out of shape and working back from injury, I just want to enjoy myself (it’s a great little race) and use it as a benchmark and a starting point as I get back into shape for….
  • The Skirt Sports 13er in June! I’m already signed up. And I also have a 15% discount code for that, so you should sign up, too — code SKIRTAMB15 — and we will party. If all goes according to plan, my hamstring will heal completely, my weekly mileage will be back up to 50ish by the 13er, and then I can REALLY train for something — I don’t know what yet –in the fall.

    Flashback to last year’s 13er. Isn’t it pretty? You should come run it with me.
  • I’m on Strava! Late to the party, I know. But let’s be friends! (Do you get “friends” on Strava? “Followers”? Whatever, let’s hang out on yet another online platform.)

Do you feel caught up? Cool. I’ll try not to drop off the face of the Internet planet this time.

I’m also waaay behind on blog reading. Again. What are you up to? What have you written lately that I must read?

Are you passionate about politics, or do you avoid them?

2 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. I’m passionate about politics but I hate to call it that. To me politics is campaigning.b I am passionate about issues and solutions. 8 miles, go girl!!! I know how that feels coming back from injury and ticking off those higher miles. My hips have been tight so I’ve been taking it easy on the miles for a little over a week. Today I did 6 and oh my gosh I needed those endorphins!!! The trump jar is a great idea. I freaking hate him.

  2. I don’t mind politics, but I’m just sick of people whining and complaining via Facebook and not doing anything else to help better their community. How exciting that you’re finding your groove again. I’m too new to remember your 70 mile weeks, I believe that it’s much easier to get back to a previous fitness than to strive for the unknown because you already know it’s possible to get there. 🙂

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