About the Blog

I have several reasons for giving this blogging thing a shot:

1. Filling a niche. When we moved here in ’07, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go back to the small-town life. Fort Collins isn’t huge, but compared to where I grew up and where I live now, it’s a metropolis. I’d gotten used to the amenities of a city, and I was nervous about returning to the rural life. Six years later, though, I’m content here. We bought a house last May, so we’ll definitely be staying for a while. And I’m perfectly happy. I like the slower pace of life. I like knowing our neighbors and the people who own our favorite shops around town. I like going for a run and knowing that I’m as safe as possible from creepers and weirdos. And I like meeting new people who say, “Aren’t you that girl who runs all the time?”

But training in a rural area has its own set of challenges: there aren’t any running groups to join or coaches to consult. Routes with easily accessible bathrooms or water fountains are limited. Hill training requires a long run, a treadmill, or a drive/bike ride to the nearest hills four miles from home, and there are definitely no bathrooms out there. (I have the tiniest bladder in the world. The bathroom thing is important). The nearest Whole Foods or similar health-nut store is over an hour away; Wal-Mart and Safeway are the grocery options. But these challenges are certainly surmountable, and training here can be a ton of fun.

Though they probably exist (because everyone seems to have a blog), I haven’t seen many healthy-living genre blogs written by rural folk dealing with these challenges. So I’m starting one to discuss training, nutrition, racing, and the special challenges those present in the rural world, as well as any other mildly interesting things that go on in my life.

2. I’m an English teacher, and I need to write more. Because an English teacher who doesn’t write is like an overweight doctor who smokes. I’ve gotten shamefully sporadic about writing, and having an audience will keep me accountable and make me write even when I don’t want to.

3. It scares the bejeebers out of me.  I’ve been toying with the idea of starting this blog for a long time. And I haven’t, because I’m scared. I’m afraid it will be stupid. I’m afraid no one will read it. I’m afraid people will read it and they’ll judge me. I’m afraid I’ll do it for a month or two and then let it dwindle away once school starts. But…the other day, I came across a quote from, of all people, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and it gave me that final push to get this party started: “If you weren’t nervous, it wouldn’t be worth doing.” So I’m doing it.

 4.  I want to join this pretty awesome community, and I want free stuff. I follow a number of other blogs, and this little interweb community seems like a pretty cool place to belong. And also, all the bloggers I follow are always reviewing cool things that some company sent them. So if you’re a company, please send me free things, and I will review the heck out of them.

So that’s why I’m doing this: to discuss training, nutrition, racing, and the special challenges those present in the rural world. I’ll probably also go off-topic and talk about teaching sometimes, because I love that, too.  I will not, however, discuss anything that might get me fired. I like my job and would like to keep it. So if you’re looking for something scandalous, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for some non-expert discussion about running, eating, teaching, enjoying small-town life, and general shenanigans, I’m your girl. Click around, add me to your reader, and let’s be friends!

5 thoughts on “About the Blog”

  1. So, your about the blog section basically sums me up. I could almost cut a paste it to my blog (I wouldn’t do that though). I started my blogging process this week. It is something I have been wanting to do and finally did it. Also, like you, I live in a very rural area. There are no “running groups”, I can on most days run in the center of the road to 20-30 minutes at a time without having to get over for traffic.
    p.s. I would like to get some free stuff to review also =)

  2. Ha, now I’m super curious as to which small town you’re in! I’m always intrigued about the eastern plains because it’s so different than the rest of the state 🙂

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